Our mission is simple: Help men optimize their fitness and nutrition in order to FEEL & BE peak-performance. 

When your nutrition and fitness is squared away, you can take on the pressures and demands of life as a man with a lot more ease, confidence, and productivity. 


Maximillian Giamarco is the founder of Spartan Ownership.

My curiosity and drive has always led me to understand how to be a better man. To me, being a man is about taking full responsibility for every area of your life. It's also about optimizing your life for strength and growth in every area. And the area that peaks my interest the most is health, nutrition and fitness tailored specifically for men. 

If a man can take ownership over his health like never before, then he'll experience energy, confidence, and producitivity like never before. My approach is helps men optimize and increase key hormones like testosterone and HGH. I don't do this part time, this is my life. Will you join me?



  • Have a fitness regiment tailored to your schedule. 
  • Optimize for testosterone and HGH production. 
  • Build a lean and intimidating masculine phsyique. 


  • Using primal/paleo methedology, I will help you craft a nutritional plan.
  • Eat foods that increase your level of beneficial hormones. 
  • No excessive calorie counting and over-complicated plans of action. 


  • Unique coaching tailored specifically to your lifestyle.
  • Plans that fit your unique schedule.
  • In depth analysis of your lifestyle with integrative solutions.


  • Holding you accountable to a new standard.
  • Strong and reliable support. 
  • Never feel alone on your journey. 

Inquire About Coaching Packages

I offer:

  • Group Coaching
  • Individual One-On-One Coaching
  • One Session or Per Session Price Plans
  • Monthly Price/Accountability Plans