10 Ways to Empower Your Younger Brother

The following list includes 10 ways to empower your younger brother. This list of ways could be applied to a younger nephew, cousin, son or anyone.


A word of caution: Before you attempt to help your younger brother out, you need to make sure you are living your life to a high standard yourself. You need to practice what you preach. Don’t be like the fat fitness instructor. If your behavior is undisciplined and sloppy then you won’t be as good a leader. Be like Alexander The Great! Lead from the front!


Way #1 Discipline Social Media & Electronics Use


Let’s face it, most kids spend 80% of their time playing video games or watching TV. I was lucky enough to have grown up right before smart phones became a thing. I used to be out hopping fences, playing man-hunt, wrestling outside, etc.


It may be tough to get your brother to understand this so make sure you explain WHY he needs to discipline his electronics use. Once he’s understood, encourage him to spend more time playing outside, playing with his friends, doing sports, and moving his body.


I would recommend a 1 hr a day MAXIMUM video game time. Maybe 2 hours on the weekends.


Way #2 Discipline Fuel Intake


Is your little bro a junk food enthusiast too? If yes, that’s no surprise. Junk food is specifically marketed to attract kids. That’s why candy bars are so low in store shelves. They’re at eye-level thus attracting little kids’ eyes.


Junk food causes cancer, disease, cavities, lethargy, loss of energy, lower brain function, and more…


With my nephew, his regiment is to eat CLEAN 5 days a week. And 2 days a week, he’s allowed to have some junk food if he wants.


Way #3 Discipline Wake Up & Bed Time


Discipline starts with waking up early. Most kids these days are totally undisciplined and stay up till the wee hours of the night stuck to their ipads.


Having a stable and effective sleeping schedule will make your little bro more focused, better rested, and happier. This one is gonna be a game-changer for sure.


Since it’s summer over here, my nephew gets up at 7:30 am and goes to sleep at 10:30 on the dot. He’s definitely happier and more productive.


Way #4 Environmental Exposure: Cold Showers, Etc


I’m beginning to truly believe that the 3rd pillar to health is environmental exposure. Most kids these days are so used to having comfort that it’s downright embarrassing. Go to any 3rd world country and the kids seem to be doing just fine being barefoot and not having enough heat or food. They are conditioned to a more harsh environment and are therefore mentally tougher. Encourage your little bro to go out barefoot, jump in the snow, take a cold shower, etc…


Last night, it was kind of chilly but I challenged my nephew to a cold water challenge. He accepted and put on his swimming trunks and went outside into the backyard. I sprayed him with cold water straight from the garden hose. He did the same to me for a few minutes. Remember to practice what you preach.


The result was awesome! We had a laugh and now we’re both mentally tougher for it. Plus you can’t help but feel a little proud knowing that most people are too addicted to the luxury of hot water.  


Way #5 Get Him to Start Doing MMA


“Violence is golden”, says Jack Donovan. In other words, men must be able to use violence should the occasion come. So should your little bro. Have him start getting acquainted with what it means to use his body to assert himself on nature and other men.


I started getting my nephew to go to MMA class at least 1 or 2 times per week. He’s getting stronger and loving it.


Way #6 Disciplined Yet Simple Workout Regiment


Your little bro should definitely start working out. But don’t throw something too hard his way. Give him a simple workout regiment he can follow a few days every week. Make it short and something he can add on to once he gets used to it.


I personally have Mike do the following workout 5x per week:


  1. Situps 3 sets of 12 reps
  2. Squats 3 sets of 12 reps
  3. Pushups 3 sets of 12 reps


It’s simple, easy to remember and therefore easy to stick to. If he keeps this up for a while, he’ll naturally want to make it harder. Remember: Make the workout as specific as possible so that he doesn’t half-ass it or get confused and give up.


Way #7 Have Him Read Empowering Literature


When I was a kid, I read a book called “Captain Underpants” and to be honest I don’t think I grew much at all from it. I also watched a bunch of stupid cartoons like Ed, Edd and Eddy. I mean they were all funny but besides being entertaining, I don’t think those shows made me any stronger.


Your mind is sacred. Why not fill it with the most empowering content you can get your hands on?


That’s why I have my nephew read a minimum of 8 minutes every day. I know that doesn’t sound like much but for some kids 5 minutes is too hard. Once again, he’ll read more over time but 8 minutes is a good way to start building up the habit.


I personally have him read the “Way of the Warrior Kid” by Jocko Willink. It’s an amazing book and is definitely gonna help him realize the importance of discipline and other manly virtues.


Way #8 Get Him to Create A Vision & Purpose


If you just make your little brother do all of this stuff because “you said so”, he’s not gonna stick to them in the long run. He needs to know exactly why he’s doing all of this stuff. He needs to have a vision and a purpose. He needs to OWN why he’s doing all of this stuff.


Sit down with him and have him create a vision for how he wants to be. Ask him how do you want to be physically and mentally? Then ask him WHY he wants to be this way. Make sure he truly understands WHY he’s doing all of these things and how it’s going to help him become stronger.


This is an example of my nephew’s vision and purpose statement:


Way #9 Have A Written Standard


Make sure that you have a written standard. Make sure that EVERYTHING is clear and specific.


What time EXACTLY does he wake up and go to bed?

How many MMA classes per week does he take?

How many workout sessions per week does he do?

What exact workout program will he do?

How many days per week is it OK for him to eat some junk food?

How many hours per day/week can he play video games, etc?


Way #10 Create A Visual Calendar For Accountability


Once you have the written standard, put that onto a visual calendar. This needs to be on the wall in your little bro’s room. He then needs to check off the boxes on a daily basis. This is a great way to hold him accountable!


Make sure that your little bro understands that you won’t always be there watching him and making sure that he’s doing all of these things. He needs to realize once again…what is his vision? What is his purpose? Then he needs to understand that not taking action is only gonna make him go down the drain of mediocrity.


Make him understand that you’re not here to judge him but to make him grow. If he fucks up and doesn’t get something done, he needs to tell you the truth. Both of you will sit down and figure what went wrong and what he can do better next time.


If he’s not finding the motivation to stick to it, make him rewrite his vision and purpose in a more compelling way. His WHY needs to be motivating.


Make sure he reads those statements daily or at least a few times a week. He needs to truly keep his eyes on the prize so that he doesn’t get side tracked.


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Good luck,


Maximillion Giamarco


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