21 Convention Orlando 2018 Review

21 Convention Review

What is the 21 Convention?

Click here to check out the 21 Convention official page.

In my view, The 21 Convention is a company that is geared towards helping men optimize every aspect of their lives.

In many ways, my mission is quite similar to that of The 21 Convention.

However, we express that core mission in different ways.

In the past, The 21 Convention has always had a strong focus on dating/relationships.

Many of the speakers were the likes of pick-up artists and dating gurus.

Many of which you’ve probably heard of in the book The Game (a must read for anyone interested in learning the art of seduction.)

Now The 21 Convention is starting to focus a little less on dating/relationships and more on the Red Pill and Manosphere.

The other mission of The 21 Convention is to destroy feminism and our weak culture and replace it with one of positive masculinity. At the convention this year, shirts were being sold titled “The Future is Masculine” which serves as a counter-statement to Hillary Clinton’s famous remark: “The future is feminine.”

The 21 Convention is a company that has been around for 10+ years and I firmly believe that Anthony Dream Johnson (founder of The 21 Convention) will reach his goals. He’s kicking ass and at this past event, there was a record-breaking number of attendees.

The Red Pill and The Manosphere

What is the red pill?

Just to clarify, the red pill is a term for the truth behind male and female sexual dynamics.

What is the manosphere?

The Manosphere is a series of blogs that are all written “by men and for men” on various topics ranging from masculine mindset to relationships.

It’s kind of like hardcore self-improvement blogs for men.

My history with The 21 Convention

This is my third 21 Convention in a row.

My first one was The Under 21 Convention in Orlando 2016.

My second one was The 21 Convention in Orlando 2017 which I wrote about here.

And this post is meant to review The 21 Convention Orlando 2018.

List of speakers from The 21 Convention Orlando 2018

  • Texas Dom
  • Donovan Sharpe
  • Caleb Jones AKA Black Dragon
  • Pat Campbell
  • Hypnotica AKA Eric Von Sydow
  • Rian Stone
  • Tanner Guzy
  • Goldmund Unleashed
  • Alex J.A Cortes
  • Alan Roger Currie
  • Richard Cooper
  • Jack Murphy
  • Ivan Throne
  • Hunter Drew
  • Ed Latimore
  • Shawn Smith
  • Jack Donovan
  • Dr. Robert Glover
  • Socrates
  • Rollo Tomassi
  • Anthony Dream Johnson
  • Mr. Swift

Insights from Speakers

Ivan Throne and Mr. Swift

Ivan Throne

Ivan Throne is the bestselling author of The Nine Laws. He is a powerful speaker, business manager and seasoned veteran of the financial industry with over thirty years of study in the classical Japanese military fighting arts.

This year Ivan was quite the sight!

First of all, he’s about 6 foot 5 and built like an ox.

Second of all, he had his German Sheperd with him as well as his beautiful wife. And they moved as a unit everywhere they went which personally gave me a feeling of extra security at the event.

On that note, there was more than one armed attendee/speaker there as well. The event is definitely pro-second amendment.

Note #1

“Good questions to ask yourself:

How would the great men of history seize the day? (Alexander The Great, Ceaser, etc).

What separates these men from you?”

Note #2 

There is no competition. More specifically the competition these days is so weak. There are no swords at our throats. We have a massive opportunity to rise in every aspect of life. This opportunity must not be wasted! 

Note #3

Playing it safe is not playing at all. You must challenge yourself to put the pedal to the floor fully.

Note #4 


  • Infinite dopamine hits through social media and other forms of internet
  • Infinite distractions
  • Subordination of real to digital
  • Environmental and cultural subjugation

We must take these threats into account as we move forward.

Note #5 

Often the results seem magic but the process seems mundane. 

Note #6 

The perfect man embodies the will of heaven. He listens to his deepest conscience and acts in a way that is congruent to it. He aligns his thoughts, words, and deeds (integrity). 

Note #7

Interact with deliberation

  • Condense what sinks, cut what grows
  • Infect what condenses, drag what rages
  • Free what binds, learn the process
  • Understand how to disrupt and shift

These are the gears of things

I still don’t really get this one.

Still pondering.

Maybe the deeper meaning has to do with learning how to respond to challenges in ways that are unique to each challenge?

Note #8 

Man is made in the image of God:

Every thought a vision.

Every word is a vow.

Every deed is an execution.

Note #9 

Fulfillment demands depth.

Depth demands congruence.

Congruence demands deliberation.

Note #10

Engage in radical pitiless self-assessment in order to grow.

Note #11

In regards to maintaining self-discipline and the inevitable mistakes:

If you forget to breathe, you snap. Don’t beat yourself up too much. 

Note #12

Why is the world dark? Because it’s finite.

Note #13 

Question: How do you balance Eastern practices such as meditation with western warrior mentality?

Ivan: When you find the point of contradiction: go deeper. Find that which transcends culture.

Question: Within a tribal context, what is the balance between honor and humility/vulnerability?

Ivan: Honor depends on what your conscience demands of you. Vulnerability can come in many forms including the love you give and the time you give to your brothers. This is also highly contextual to the tribe.

Mr. Swift

Ivan invited another speaker named Mr. Swift who can be seen in the picture standing next to Ivan.

Swift was an interesting fellow.

He wasn’t the most eloquent speaker as he had a slow, drawn out, and low way of speaking. (I think he mentioned that he was sick at the beginning of his speech).

Also, he acknowledged his lack of skill in regards to speaking by saying that he was more of a “knuckle-dragger” which is cool with me.

One thing that stood out to me about him was the way he started the speech:

He went on stage and didn’t say a word for quite some time. Then he looked at all of us and with a tone that emanated from deep within himself and said: “You are MEN.”

And of course, the observation is obvious because the room was 99% men but the way that he said it almost awakened a primal awareness of the fact.

Note #1

Book recommendations:

  • On Killing
  • On Combat
  • Book of 5 Rings
  • Left of Bang
  • Warrior Mindset Asken
  • Training at the Speed of Life

Note #2

A firearm doesn’t have to be very expensive, it just needs to:

  • Fit your hand
  • Fit your budget
  • Fit your needs

You can get a perfectly fine handgun for as low as $250.

Note #3

You must become at peace with the idea of inflicting violence if need be. 

Check out his website for more info: www.praetorianswift.com

Texas Dom

Texas Dom

I’m a mid-50’s lifelong Texan. I’ve got strong opinions on relationships, music, politics, and Masculinity. Married and monogamous for the last 30 years to a beautiful submissive the world knows as Curvey. She’s my girl and a force to be reckoned with. We live a D/s lifestyle. Think 50’s Head of Household from the old days where your grandparents were likely happy and living the same way. I am my family’s sword and shield. I will always be calm, steady and fearless in the face of any challenge. People are counting on me.

Texas Dom’s speech was primarily focused on the red pill within a marriage context but more specifically on how he combined redpill awareness with BDSM practices which he says enhanced his marriage.

It was funny because Texas Dom bought his son with him to the speech so the look on his son’s face was quite interesting when Tex got into details about dominance/submission (haha). But it was all fun and none of it was too inappropriate. In fact, his son even came up for Q&A afterward and asked how Tex was able to keep it low-key for so long (lol).

Note #1

“Extreme frame control” or in other words: Create a strong psychological frame under which your woman can live.

Be strong and dominant so that she can let go and allow her soft feminine side to flourish.

This will allow her to feel happy while she does naturally feminine things like baking cookies, planting flowers, working in the garden, cooking, taking care of babies, etc.

Click here to check out Tex’s site.

Dr. Robert Glover

Dr. Robert Glover

Dr. Glover is an internationally recognized authority on the Nice Guy Syndrome. He is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and has been featured in numerous local and national publications. Through his book, online classes, workshops, podcasts, blogs, consultation, and therapy groups, Dr. Glover has helped change the lives of countless men and women around the world. As a result of his work, Dr. Glover has helped thousands of Nice Guys transform from being passive, resentful victims to empowered, integrated males. Along with these personal changes have come similar transformations in these men’s professional careers and intimate relationships.

Robert Glover is the man who wrote the classic No More Mr. Nice Guy.

His speech was mainly centered on relationships and women.

I found Glover to be pretty charismatic and lively. He had good energy and his speech was quite funny. To me, he appeared to be a man who challenges himself and lives on the edge.

Note #1

Women are turned on by energized groups of men.

Note #2

All successful men are “good enders” meaning that they’re good at beginning something new and then they’re just as good at ending that situation quickly and efficiently if it doesn’t serve their interests.

Note #3

Men are to focus on having a great cake of a life and having women simply being the icing of it.

This is a clever and different way of saying that women don’t want to be the center of your attention.

They want you to be focused on your purpose as opposed to being obsessed with them.

This creates the proper polarity needed for a strong and passionate relationship where she’s obsessed with you.

Note #4

Don’t talk to women about Red Pill or Mr. Nice Guy. Don’t talk about it to them. They’re really not interested but they are interested in you living that way.

In essence, they don’t give a shit about your theories in regards to game. It’s better kept to yourself anyway. As a man, you don’t want to reveal your entire playbook to them anyway. They appreciate the mystery and a man who just gets this shit.

Note #5

There is an inverse relationship between how much a woman talks about her problems to you and how much she wants to fuck you. Don’t tolerate her constant speeches about what went wrong and all the drama in her life. Make her give you the “guy version.” In other words, make her spill the crux of the info but don’t make it a habit to engage her in discussion like a gay best friend type because that will quickly kill the dynamic.

Donovan Sharpe

Donovan Sharpe

Donovan Sharpe is Red Pill veteran of nearly a decade’s standing. He speaks openly and candidly about both his successes and failures in life and with women. His straightforward, no bullshit style has earned him bans from both Twitter and YouTube but that hasn’t stopped him from dropping Red Pill truth. Catch him on DonovanSharpe.com weekdays at 4:00 pm EST to listen to his daily show, TSR: Live with Donovan Sharpe.

Unfortunately, I missed Donovan Sharpe’s speech for the most part because I was occupied.

But I walked in towards the end of it and I remember him talking about the fact that most people are not willing to “pay the price” for whatever they’re trying to achieve.

There is no short-cut, there is no hack, there is only discipline. – Jocko Willink

And you must be disciplined to “pay the price”.

Donovan was also a lot bigger than I anticipated. You could tell the dude hit the gym hard. Good for him.

A cool thing that happened:

When we were at the “Heroes Dinner”, I shook Donovan’s hand and he proceeded to correct my hand-grip. He insisted it should be harder. He then took my hand and adjusted it closer to his so that I had a more complete grip of his hand. It felt distinctly different than how I usually go for the hand-shake. From that moment on, every hand I shook, I made sure to get a more firm, deep, and complete grip so I can say that Donovan made a definite impact on how I shake hands now (haha).

Shawn T Smith PSY.D

Shawn T Smith

Dr. Shawn T. Smith is a licensed psychologist and the author of The Tactical Guide to Women. His education began as a child at his father’s truck stop, and he has worked and studied in locations ranging from Bosnia to the prison system. Shawn is working passionately to help men avoid life-altering romantic mistakes, to become the gatekeepers of their own lives, and to choose women of low drama and high character.

After meeting Shawn, he appears to be a very soft-spoken and modest fellow.

Note #1

Around 9 months down the road, a woman’s real character will start to appear. Like clockwork. 

Note #2

You must be careful because even if you don’t get married the wrong woman could get into a situation and fuck your business and home. Know the law. 

Note #3

The honey mood state is the state a man gets into when he first meets a woman and everything appears to be perfect. This is an altered state where you’re not mentally clear. You must eventually go beyond it and see reality and your woman more accurately.

Note #4

Red flag: If you repeatedly feel confusion and/or fatigue after dealing with a woman. It may be because she’s sending you mixed signals and deliberately making things harder than they should be. This is not a good sign as it hints at a toxic personality.

Note #5

Use the element of time to your advantage.

Risk management is often defined by eliminating uncertainty.

Best way to eliminate uncertainty is to use patience and let the other person’s character show up.

Note #6

The popular belief is that women are passive when it comes to dating. A highly respected evolutionary psychologist “David Buss” almost never uses the term “gatekeeper” to describe women but rather “choosy”. Women are just as competitive but on a more subtle level. Use this knowledge to realize WHY they’re competing. They are competing to secure a high-value man! You’re the prize they’re after. Remember that.

Gatekeepers suggest that she is the prize which is BS. My badass life is the fucking prize. My contribution.

Anthony Dream Johnson

Anthony Dream Johnson

Anthony Dream Johnson is the founder of The 21 Convention, CEO of 21 Studios, master builder of all 21 live events, and leader of all things 21. Throughout the course of 21 Studios Anthony has built 14 live events across 3 continents, published over 2,000 videos, and educated over 25 million men. The purpose of his work is to create positive media for men, and destroy the feminist establishment.

Another speech I wasn’t able to fully see, unfortunately.

However, Anthony basically broke down how the feminist movement has undermined and greatly weakened our culture.


Note #1

Anthony’s vision basically entails the destruction and replacement of feminism with a positive masculine renaissance.

From what I understand, a positive masculine renaissance entails a culture where women have equal rights but are encouraged to be feminine and family oriented. It is a culture where men are proud and strong of their masculinity and don’t apologize for it in the slightest.

It’s a culture that entails a more respectful stance towards tradition yet at the same time is “with the times” in regards to basic rights for everyone.

Note #2

It seems like feminism has won but it hasn’t. If it can rise then it can fall. A lot of people think it’s too late but we have a duty and responsibility to assert our vision. 

We’re not beaten unless we admit it. – George Patton

Note #3

Book recommendations to gain more knowledge about feminism

The Feminist Lie


Alan Roger Currie

Alan Roger Currie

In 2017, Alan Roger Currie became the first African-American featured speaker ever at a 21 Convention event. The NegroManosphere.com recently named Currie the 2017 Dating Coach of the Year and the 2017 Columnist & Writer of the Year.

He is the author of the notorious Mode One Seduction Manual which is mainly centered on being upfront, honest, and direct in how you communicate with women.

Currie is one funny guy and his speeches, although quite insightful border on stand-up comedy.

Note #1

Fear of rejection is retarded because you’re scared of not getting something you don’t even have.

Note #2

There are a lot of things we believe about women because that’s what we want to believe about women.

Note #3

In today’s western world, there are only 1-3% good girls AKA  girls that are saving themselves for their husbands and marriage. The rest are pretty much all fucking. There aren’t many good girls left. 

Note #4

Women love our company. They use the possibility of sex as a way to keep you around. Men, on the other hand, can go very long periods without platonic conversations with women. Therefore, friendly, flattering, flirtatious, and entertaining conversations don’t mean jack. This is one of the reasons it’s important to be direct. 

Note #5

Women don’t just need us for sex. They often use men for ego boosts, entertainment, financial and non-financial flavors. Be wary of this trap. 

Jack Donovan

Jack Donovan

Jack Donovan is the author of The Way of Men, which has become a runaway cult hit with men all over the world who are tired of hearing the mainstream media talk about masculinity as if it were something “toxic” that needed to be “reimagined.” The Way of Men draws on evolutionary psychology, human universals and what most men recognize as common sense to advance his gang theory of masculinity. The Way of Men is available in English worldwide and has been translated into Portuguese and French. A German edition is expected in early 2016. Donovan has been blogging, writing and speaking about masculinity and tribalism since 2007.

Jack Donovan is someone whom I quote fairly often and Anthony Johnson considers him to be “one of the best masculine philosophers of all time.”

Check out his book The Way of Men.

This year, his speech was centered on a topic I often write about which is learning to enjoy the struggle that comes with self-mastery and masculine character development.

Note #1

Ouroboros, the all is one. Enjoying and appreciating the process.

Note #2

The answer is a series of strategies employed cyclically and artfully over time.

Note #3

Jack’s talk was a bit mysterious for me. I was running very low on sleep when I heard it so I’m not sure I understood it as best I could. But I wrote down a series of terms and phrases that stood out to me. I’m sure the dots will connect as time goes on. 

  • Interesting terms and phrases:
  • Cyclical thinking
  • Not just a process- a series of processes.
  • Not linear Peaks.
  • Static states.
  • Work – recovery
  • Learning-reflection
  • Peak state – trial and error.
  • Running many programs.
  • What produces the best most reliable results for me.
  • Unforeseen obstacles.
  • Changes Rules could change
  • Things are never static.
  • Orobouros – Feed on, internalize, adapt, manifest
  • Loops, oodaloop
  • Create chaos in someone else’s OODA loop.
  • Analyzing Dienesian Creation: Specifics to general
  • Breaking things down to create new models of reality
  • Higher and broader levels of elaboration
  • When you think in linear terms there is always an end.
  • It never ends.

Note #4

Thinking in terms of “leisure, rest, and recreation” is a slave mindset. The king enjoys the struggle. He enjoys building and creating. Always be creating. That is a master mindset. The slave toils and his only hope is some leisure at the end. Retirement mindset comes to mind. A king builds a life he can enjoy.

Interesting Experience

While at one of the parties, I was at a table with Jack Donovan, 2 of my inner circle guys, and 2 other guys from the event. We were having a very in-depth conversation about a variety of topics when I felt this urge to go deeper. I wanted to have an experience beyond words because I felt that the quality of people we had at that moment was truly special. So I suggested that we all do a meditation. We eventually all got together in a circle and voiced a powerful prayer-like intention for life. I felt a tremendous amount of energy at that moment and it was truly a beautiful experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. It’s hard to put the experience in words but it did happen.

Hypnotica AKA Eric Von Sydow

Eric Von Sydow AKA Hypnotica

An author, seminar leader, coach and hypnotist, Von Sydow’s approach to self-evolvement is multi-faceted, innovative and challenging. His strategies and techniques have earned admiration from industry leaders and captivated the minds of a global fan base, earning him the title of “Inner Game Guru.” Visit Eric at Hypnotica.org

Hypnotica is unlike any other speaker.

Well, no speaker is really like any other speaker.

But more specifically, Hypnotica’s lifestyle is truly different in many ways.

He doesn’t subscribe to traditional thinking in terms of relationships at all. In fact, he has multiple relationships. I don’t know the exact specifics of his arrangement but what I do know is that he lives life on his own terms and he’s killing it. It’s an inspiration to see because here is a man who said “fuck you” to society’s constraints and is living it up in an authentic yet masculine way.

Note #1

To reach that next layer of masculinity, make it a habit to confront your fears. You’ll feel it. Do it enough and people will notice it.

Note #2

Go into the extreme and give yourself the flexibility to stretch. Push your boundaries.

Note #3

Focus on the person so much that you forget yourself to get great social calibration.

Note #4

Mistakes are key for enhancing your models of the world. If you’re afraid to make mistakes then you won’t do shit. Over time you’ll get it right. Learning vs actual integration could sometimes take years. So many little things that are hiding in the environment. Nothing beats experience.

Note #5

Good questions to ask:

Who are my enemies? Who are my allies?

Spend a certain amount of time every day with your allies. Your allies include any practices such as meditation, reading, etc, that connect you to a more powerful state and sense of purpose. 

Don’t spend time with people or activities that bring your state down and make you negative (news, people, etc). 

Note #6

Some quick ways to get out of a funk: cardio, massage, hypnosis.

Note #7

The world will drag you down if you’re not maintaining your daily practice. 

Note #8

Hypnosis is just slowing down your mind and installing what you want. ROM. And slow.

Meditation + Programming.

Tanner Guzy

Tanner Guzy

My name is Tanner Guzy and I want you to dress better. I grew up in a family where a reputation mattered. It comes with the territory of having a unique name and, whether I liked it or not, the way I dressed affected my reputation. When I was in junior high I made sure that all my T-shirts were from the BMX companies whose parts I owned or the punk bands whose shows I attended. As I got older, I learned that my clothing reflected more than just my status within my chosen hobbies and I had to adjust it accordingly.

Tanner Guzy is also unique in that he’s a Mormon.

He has a wife and kids and leads a traditional lifestyle. All the power to him.

One of the things I like about the convention is that you get such a wide variety of masculine men who live varied lifestyles. Some have open relationships, multiple relationships, and traditional relationships.

To each, his own.

Being a man is about doing what YOU feel is right and for every man that’s going to be different.

Note #1

Your style creates self-perception about your own potential in the world.

Note #2

Myth: Real men don’t care how they look.

Clothing expresses masculinity: status, fitness, accomplishments.

Not caring how others perceive you at all is the mark of a sociopath.

You should care about what the right people think about you.

Note #3

Don’t play not to lose. The only way not to be judged by your appearance is to not be noticed. Don’t be afraid to stand out because that’s how you create polarity, intrigue, and interest.

Note #4

Confidence isn’t enough. Context, confidence, competence. Dressing well is a skill set.

Note #5

Myth: Good style is formal. Bad style is casual.

Good style is a soundboard with many buttons you could play with: color, patterns, etc.

It is to be tweaked for the right context.

Note #6

Myth: Function is all that matters.

As men, we could embrace beauty for its own sake.

Function is great but it’s great to focus on aesthetics too.

Note #7

Myth: Good style has to draw attention, peacock, negatively stand out.

You don’t need to be flamboyant and bombastic.

It’s good to focus on higher quality, better fit, and being visually interesting.

Note #8

Women usually confirm and amplify your status which is usually first determined by men.

Black Dragon AKA Caleb Jones

Caleb Jones AKA Black Dragon

Caleb Jones, a.k.a. Blackdragon, is a business consultant, author, speaker, dating and relationships expert for men, and world traveler. Over his 25+ year career, he has worked with hundreds of companies large and small. His blogs have millions of readers per year and his numerous books on dating and relationships for men have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. He teaches men how to live lives of maximum freedom (The “Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle”), how to start and maintain location-independent businesses, and how to create and manage multiple, concurrent, long-term, non-monogamous relationships with women.

This is a speaker who truly stood out to me personally because his words spoke to where I was at in life. Many of my peers agreed.

At the time of this writing, I am 23 years old and am optimizing for non-monogamous relationships and entrepreneurship so I found lots of relevant information in his speech and in his blog.

Note #1

When you were a kid, you owned everything. You were a God. 

Note #2

Why not make your aim long term consistent masculine happiness?

Note #3

Eventually, your happiness will match your level of freedom but not at first. This goes for business and women. When you first get into an LTR or get promoted at work, you may feel happy for a while but eventually your freedom will be the ultimate determination of your happiness. Hence, why Caleb suggests non-monogamy and entrepreneurship.

Note #4

Crank your freedom as high as it can go financially, location-wise, professionally, relationship-wise, etc. Nail that freedom to the wall.

Note #5

Determine the minimum number of women you would need for your sex life to make you happy. Hint: Your number can’t be one. For Caleb, that number is around 2-3 I believe.

Note #6

Monogamy will not make you happy as a man long term.

Note #7

You need to practice and learn a system to bring new women into your sex life whenever you need it.

  • Night game
  • Day game
  • Online dating
  • Social circle game

Pick one and get descent at it. It can take up to 2-3 years to master one. 

Note #8

Studies show that when you start making a minimum income of $75,000 per year, you will experience a noticeable increase in happiness.

Note #9

A superior mindset is to work to create systems instead of working to do work. Designing and creating a successful system can take up to 1-5 years of work.

Note #10

Freelancer is a good start.

Note #11

When it comes to business, the following factors are key for long term consistent masculine happiness:

  • Freedom of schedule.
  • Freedom of city.
  • Leave the country and not experience a dip in my income.
  • No employees and no expenses: The government will latch onto your business like a baby in the matrix.

Note #12

Create multiple sources of income. Preferably businesses in 3 different industries so that you’re golden if one industry turns to shit. Your income is more important than your investments.

Note #13

One night stand? Shitty ROI. Better to have multiple mid to long-term plates.

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy

Jack is a culture critic, an observer, and a writer. Discovering the true nature of the new culture war brought Jack into politics, Trump, and the New Right. His book, “Democrat to Deplorable” takes a deep look at the Democrats who proudly switched parties to vote for President Donald Trump. These voters feel the cold edge of the culture war more than any other group and this book captures their experiences and the current zeitgeist.

Check out his site: jackmurphylive.com

The first thing that impressed me about Jack Murphy was his physique and the fact that he takes ownership over his life. He’s not a very young guy either and he’s still kicking ass.

The second thing that stood out to me was when he proceeded to tell us a story about how just a few years back (2014 I think) he started training MuayMuy Thai and eventually went on to compete and win a few amateur fights! How many men in their late 30’s and 40’s do you know who go out of their way to compete in Muay Thai or any masculine art for that matter?

Note #1

The cornerstone for stamina is faith in yourself.

Note #2

Talk therapy helped Jack become a better man. Specifically, cognitive behavioral therapy.

Richard Cooper

Richard Cooper – I love this pic as it shows a strong and masculine man and a strong and surely proud daughter. #FamilyAlpha

Richard Cooper is known as the “father they never had” from his YouTube channel called Entrepreneurs in Cars (EiC). (EiC) was started to find a new purpose, and get unstuck in his life by combining his passion for fast cars, and entrepreneurship. He dispenses the cold hard truth about scenarios in inter-gender relationships, life, business, money and is about helping men become a better version of themselves and tuning into their intuition. Richard believes that the path to a happy and fulfilling life for men is two simple steps 1) taking the red pill for clarity, and 2) only do work that fulfills and elevates us.

I’ve actually interviewed Richard Cooper. Check out the video here.

To me and many of the guys at the convention, Richard Cooper stood out because he embodies many of the traits that make up the ideal man. He’s intelligent, charismatic, fit as hell, red-pill aware, unapologetically masculine, financially free, and self-disciplined. Not to mention he’s trying to make an impact and help men.

Note #1

Askholes – they come to you once for advice and do nothing with it.

Note #2

Mistake: Living with a woman in your 20s.

Note #3

C Level Jobs are descent positions to aim for:

  • Medical Professionals
  • Top Level Sales
  • Top level STEMS
  • Entrepreneurship

Note #4

Do not LTR attention seeking women— if she has a lot of social media platforms and is constantly posting, chances are that she’s not LTR material.

Note #5

There are no cheat codes to life’s challenges. You must look at the hard truths and proceed from there.

“The very desire to find shortcuts makes you eminently unsuited for any kind of mastery.” – Robert Greene

Note #6

Men tend to complicate their lives and then find rationalizations for why they do it.

Note #7

Avoid women with daddy issues:

  • Resents men
  • Doesn’t have a good relationship with her father
  • Tries to control you
  • Separates you from friends
  • Crazy in the bed and in the head

Note #8

We’re endurance predators:

Optimize your endocrine system as you age.

Spray on vitamin D is better than vitamins.

Note #9

Do NOT LTR a single mommy.

Note #10

Haters are confused admirers. Critiques are jealous and trying to take you down.

Note #11

Current cultural clusterfuck: You have 100% responsibility and 0% authority.

The burden of performance is 100% on you.

Note #12

Women don’t care about the struggle, they care about the finish line and they fuck the winners.

Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is a heavyweight boxer that uses his experiences in the ring, in the physics lab, and in life to uncover the deep truth about the world. He’s learned the hard things about life the hard way and breaks them down so you can learn them the easy way.

Latimore stood out to me as an example of someone who was on the wrong path in life and then made a quick and sharp turn around. Always good to see another soul rise out of darkness and into light and abundance.

Latimore’s talk was mainly focused on the problems one encounters when he gets red-pilled and his friends aren’t on the same level. He spoke a lot about being on the path of self-discipline and self-mastery and how that tempts us to burn bridges with people. According to Latimore, it’s best not to burn these bridges as these connections can come in handy later on. Recruit! Don’t convert!

Note #1

Hawthorne Effect – If you tell people that you’re watching for a certain behavior, they’ll somehow find a way to prove you wrong by behaving that way and ruining the experiment.

Note #2

Healthy cynicism beats remorseful anger.

Note #3

Don’t say I told you so to people. It doesn’t do anything but push people away.

Note #4

How can you stay positive when all you consume is red pill content? Take a break at times. 

Note #5

Just because the people in your life (friends, family, etc) don’t subscribe to your philosophy, it doesn’t mean that you should burn the bridges with them. You’re gonna need them one day, keep those connections alive to an extent. Sometimes, it’s okay to let sleeping dogs lie.

Note #6

On forgiveness:

Not many people hurt you intentionally.

It’s mostly unconsciousness on their part.

Collateral damage is what most of your grievances are.

Ed forgave his mother. She did the best she could have. But she fucked up still.

Don’t ignore all the good they did for you either.

Forgiveness is letting go of an emotional reaction to an event by the person. Not forgetting. They no longer occupy space in your mind.

In forgiveness, it doesn’t mean that you have to be friends anymore.

Note #7

It’s only going to be miserable if you try to convert people. Seek to recruit instead. These people are going to be much more reliable.

Note #8

Don’t be a hermit. Don’t give in to the elitist feeling you get from being on the path of self-mastery/red-pill/etc. You’re going to need people in your life for one reason or another.

The “superpowers” you get from being on a path of self-discipline can cause quite a bit of arrogance. You may start to think that others should be begging for your attention. What will end up happening is that you’re going to find yourself very lonely and fade into the dust.

Note #9

Many guys get a girl and then go “Poof”.

Note #10

Bad echo chambers are bad, not echo chambers in general.

Check out Ed’s book “Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Super Power” here.

Check out Ed’s site here. 

Pat Campbell

Pat Campbell

This former math teacher is a talk show veteran who is routinely seen making appearances on the Fox News Channel, including the O’Reilly Factor and Fox & Friends. Listen to Pat Campbell mornings from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Talk Radio 1170!

I remember Anthony Johnson mentioning Pat as someone who embodies a type of masculinity that is rare. It was a pleasure listening to him speak and he definitely did have something to him that was quite “old school.”

Note #1

In many ways, religion has become the enforcement mechanism for the feminine imperative.

Note #2

Controlling women are legion. They’re not that rare.

Control freak – trust issues, red flag, tries to check your phone.

Note #3

Whatever you can’t say “no” to is your master and makes you its slave.

Note #4

If you don’t know how a woman is going to look in a few years, check out her mother. A lot of women are ghosts of their mothers.

Goldmund Unleashed

Goldmund Unleashed

Goldmund is an author, photographer, and men’s coach from New York City. He believes that everyone has moments in their lives when they see beyond the ordinary. Those moments of clarity should be expressed in an individual way in order to add to the human experience. His main goal is to resurrect the artistic element of masculinity and inspire others to develop their own vision. You can find his work at goldmundunleashed.com

I actually didn’t take any notes from Goldmund’s speech because for me personally, I was absorbing his energy more than his words. Goldmund is an artist and artists communicate differently than most people. I was paying attention to the overall feel of his presentation which happened to be about making art masculine again. He said that for the most part, art has been highjacked by the homosexual scene and feminism. But before all of that, art used to be a masculine thing.

Hunter Drew

Hunter Drew AKA The Family Alpha

Hunter Drew is the author and founder of The Family Alpha blog. The Family Alpha is consistently looking to improve himself and walk this path in life in a manner that is consistent with his views as to what is right. Regardless of what the ‘majority’ of men are doing, he does his thing. Complacency has been removed and conformity does not exist. The Family Alpha displays traits that are uncommon in this day and age. It is this uncommon behavior that leads to the uncommon lifelong Marriage that is ultimately the goal of every Married Man.

Hunter is the go-to guy for many of the men in LTRs I know. Hunter speaks about the truth behind social/sexual dynamics for men in committed/monogamous relationships especially marriage.

Once again, the 21 Convention provides platforms for speakers in all types of arrangements. Hunter knew that from an early age, he wanted to be married and have kids so that’s exactly what he did in his early 20s.

The night before Hunter’s speech, I was talking to him along with a friend of mine. I told him the story of how I pulled the trigger in regards to breaking up with my girlfriend last year and how I got to a point of no longer thinking it through. I had done enough thinking. Another friend of mine was going through a similar situation except he hadn’t pulled the trigger but was rather thinking the whole time. Eventually, Hunter told him to simply stop thinking and pull the trigger and for my friend that meant to simply stay in his LTR and enjoy it while he still enjoys it. He ended up mentioning us in his speech which I felt deeply touched by.

Alexander Cortez

Alexander J.A Cortes

My name is Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes. I am a personal trainer and writer. For the last 8 years, I have made health, fitness, and all subjects thereof my area of focus and study.

I never heard of Alex until I started listening to The Red Man Group on Youtube. His speech was about the different archetypes of masculinity and I remember him mentioning the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

Note #1

The truth about women is that you can treat them however you want as long as you don’t bore them.

Note #2

Women like to feel like they’re disposable.

Check out his website here: alexanderjuanantoniocortes.com

Rollo Tomassi

Rollo Tomassi – One of the Godfather’s of the Red-Pill

Rollo Tomassi, father, husband, citizen, red pill godfather, and one of the three ‘R’s in the manosphere, is a blogger at TheRationalMale.com, author of three books in The Rational Male series, and co-founder of the hit manosphere web show The Red Man Group. He is a celebrated alumni speaker of The 21 Convention.

I was on very low sleep when I listened to his speech but it was basically about the state of the manosphere. He was giving a talk to kind of brief everyone as to where the manosphere was at in terms of it’s development. It wasn’t necessarily a very practical talk with a bunch of tips but rather a big-picture rundown.

Note #1

A good idea for a framework is spending your 20s figuring shit out, 30s building it, 40’s ruling it. He said he couldn’t answer for the 50’s because he’s right about to hit it. This was his framework.

Note #2

There is a big opportunity business-wise for people who can come out with redpill related products or just products for men in general such as more red pill platforms (so that the gov or corps don’t shut it down), red pill fictions, media, movies, etc.

Note #3

Enjoying the decline is easier and more fun than building and banding together.

Rian stone

Rian Stone

Born in small-town Alberta, raised on a ranch in small-town BC. I was your standard directionless child of divorce. Joined the Navy at 23, and gained much. I built a love for ‘old school’ masculinity, and was red pilled in 2015, from an event called ‘administrative violence’. Since being redpilled, I have moved on and forged my own path, and helped others by sharing what I’ve learned along the way. Bringing an old school image of masculinity to the new world, avoiding the pitfalls of fathers of the previous generation, and avoiding the lethargy of the current one. I currently moderate TheRedpill and MarriedRedpill with a bunch of switched on guys, enjoying the decline in Canuckistan.

Rian Stone is a very practical kind of guy. From what I understand of him, he’s all about action and not really about talking. In fact, a lot of his talk focused on how most self-improvement is mental masturbation. And I wholeheartedly agree. As Nassim Taleb would say, I believe Rian is a “Roman among Greeks.”

“The Romans judged their political system by asking not whether it made sense but whether it worked.”

So anyone who is a Roman among Greeks is someone who doesn’t care about the theory as much as they care about whether it works or not.

Note #1

Your value is what resources you provide. Most people operate from this perspective and it makes sense. Everything else can be considered somewhat arbitrary.

Note #2

A good question to ask yourself: Am I succeeding or am I jerking myself off in the shower?

Note #3

Writing and reflecting is a very masculine activity as it helps you self-articulate, correct your behavior and reflect on where you’re at and where you’re going. These are good reasons to journal every night or so.


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