3 Books for Warriors on the Path of Self-Mastery

The following are 3 books for warriors on the path of self-mastery.

They are to be used in concert with one another.

They each provide powerful ideas that once embodied compliment each other and allow you to function at extremely high levels. 

The main thing about the Tao Te Ching is that it gives you the keys to align yourself with your own Divine nature. Psychocybernetics gives you the keys to utilize your mind and make it into a peak-performance machine. Finally, the War of Art gives you the tools necessary to CRUSH resistance and destroy your internal enemies such as procrastination, impulsivity, and weaknesses. 

Together these 3 books give you the ultimate tool-kit to be a spiritual warrior.

Tao Te Ching

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This book can be quite difficult to dive into so here are some works that offer insight in applying these teachings:

Absolute Tao by OSHO

Tao: The Watercourse Way by Alan Watts

The reason I put the Tao and it’s various interpretations first is because I believe that you should seek to align yourself with your divine nature first and foremost.

“Make your life an ongoing practice of being who you are, at your deepest, most easeful levels of being. Everything other than this process is secondary.” – David Deida

When you silence the monkey-mind and detach from the world of matter, you suddenly become present to a whole new world within. This world goes by many names; God, Buddha, Consciousness, Tao, Divine-Stillness, etc. 

When you are consciously connected with this divine inner stillness, you open the gates of enlightenment and alignment with purpose. 

I frequently engage in practices that help me connect with this inner stillness consciously such as meditation, sacred silence, and simply being instead of doing. 

Whenever I feel like I’m getting caught up in the movement of my own mind or in the minutia of everyday life, I catch myself and reconnect to Tao. 

When I feel aligned with Tao, I see things with more clarity.

This clarity allows me to come back to the world stronger, wiser, and more ready to give my ultimate gifts. 

I am a lot more masculine when I’m aligned with Tao since I’m not caught up in emotion and illusion. 

In other words, all my goals get accomplished when aligned with Tao. 

This is, in essence, a return to simplicity.

This is one of the most important books ever written. 


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Secondly, I chose this book because it offers a glimpse into the structure of the mind from a tactical perspective.

Instead of just giving you a bunch of psychological theory, this book gives you a very practical way of managing your mind for peak-performance in all endeavors. 

This book provides the framework that many Masters such as Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Mark Divine, Frank Kern, Bob Proctor, etc, use.

This stuff works. 

The War of Art 

Purchase it here.

The War of Art was written by a brilliant man who only became recognized late in life. I believe he was in his 60’s when he wrote this gem. Steven Pressfield struggled with procrastination and excuse-making his whole entire life. 

He coined the term “resistance” to describe this phenomenon. 

Resistance is a term that symbolizes all of the excuses and weaknesses in every form that hold you back from being the person you were meant to be. 

But what I really love about this book is the author’s mindset.

His work is amazing for those who have a warrior mental framework which arguably includes most men especially those reading my content.

He helps you see the world for what it is. Many gurus will preach crap like “life is a dance”. But I say that in many ways, life is a lot more like a battle. Sometimes it can be a dance too but often times it’s not. 

Pressfield’s mindset is that of a true warrior who is ready to attack and win at all times. He gives you the ability to see your weaknesses as enemies to be destroyed. Once you take on this mindset, you truly start to feel like a warrior who is ready and willing to fight. 

Now I stay vigilant at all times like a samurai awaiting battle with my inner-weaknesses. I never used to be so ready to fight. I never used to be so ready to destroy. But now I know that this is war and now I’m readier than ever.

Using these books in concerto

The Tao Te Ching is used to ground you when you’re feeling too caught up in the movements of the monkey-mind and the world (drama, news, daily bullshit, etc). It offers you a way to reconnect with your deepest nature.

Psychocybernetics gives you the tools necessary to manifest your deepest purpose by helping use your mind and perform at peak levels in all that you do.

The War of Art gives you a warrior style mental framework to seek and destroy all weakness and replace it with self-discipline and strength.

Use these in a concerto. Let me know what you think.

Spartan 365 Challenge Day 5 Field Notes:

For those of you that don’t know, I am currently doing a year-long challenge as of this writing. Click here to see what it’s all about.

The following are field notes on today so those who are following/interested can see my progress:

Today I held the line pretty damn well.

My state was on point. I was focused and positive.

I read my personal ethos, meditated, and hit the gym

My nutrition was on point as well.

I did good work for S.O.

Tonight I’m going to relax and enjoy some time with friends.

So far so good.

I’ve been constantly reminding myself that the enemies are on their way.

The enemies include impulsivity, reactivity, brain-fog, etc.

I stand ready to fight and slay them with my awareness and willingness to choose a better option instead of reacting and falling back into old habits to numb the pain.

I’m waiting. I’m watching.

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