6 Ways to Increase Your Masculine Energy

Let’s face it, the world is becoming more and more feminized. You need to discipline yourself and invest time and energy into habits that keep you grounded in masculine energy. Otherwise, the gravitational pull of feminism & other sources of bullshit will suck you in. Look at what’s going on in Sweden (A very liberal and feminist country). The number of people wanting to get a sex-change is doubling every year.

This trend is currently intensifying every day. People like Bruce Jenner (now known as Kaitlyn Jenner) are being glorified on TV. “He-she” even received an honor award on ESPN! Now, do you understand why you must discipline yourself to stay masculine? There is a war going on outside and the enemy’s aim is to strip you of your balls & replace them with a pussy.

These are some habits you could start to do right now to start building up more and more masculine energy:

Habit #1 Pump Iron

Build your body! It will get your testosterone levels boosted and you’ll feel more vital & more aggressive. Not to mention, you’ll look more intimidating and command respect from other men. Working out also teaches you how to be disciplined which is also a masculine trait. That discipline will permeate into other areas of your life causing you to be a more disciplined and masculine man. To increase your testosterone and build a vital and intimidating body, go here!

Habit #2 Eat Red Meat

There’s just something manly about eating red meat.  Next time you’re cooking up a steak, don’t overcook it, leave some red. Steak has plenty of essential nutrients & has been shown to increase testosterone. It’s also a great recovery meal supplying your body with a good dose of protein after a workout. Compared to pasta and other low-nutrient types of foods, red meat will definitely give you an edge.

Habit #3 Do Martial Arts

Jack Donovan, the author of the “Way of Men” wrote an excellent essay called “Train For Honor”.  In it, he wrote that he doesn’t just train to be stronger, but a big part of why he trains is for honor. When you’re strong and have trained yourself to handle violence, your presence commands respect and honor from other men. Also, after some time, martial arts will put you in touch with your inner-killer making you embody a type of manly aura that comes with that type of knowledge. Definitely a great way to boost your masculine energy here.

Habit #4 Take Cold Showers

This one is a great habit to build. Cold showers boost masculine energy because they have been shown to increase energy, vitality, and testosterone. Plus cold showers build mental toughness. Compared to a hot shower, notice how you feel after a cold one. You feel pumped and ready to kill it.

Habit #5 Quit Masturbation & Discipline Your Ejaculations

The path of many ejaculations leads to a good life but the path of ejaculation control leads to a great life – David Deida

This is a tough habit to develop especially if you’ve never heard of it. But boy does it bring results! Step 1: Stop jerking off period. That includes porn, imagination, etc. Step 2: No more jizzing. More precisely, limit ejaculation to 2-3 times a month maximum with or without a girl. Master this & your masculine energy will embody a new intensity. You will notice your creativity and zest for life increase with this practice. This will also make sex way better and more intense for you and your girl. When you ejaculate/jerk off, notice how you never end up feeling more masculine. Instead, you tend to feel depleted and tired. This is the opposite of masculine energy! If you need to rub one out, limit it to 2-3x a month MAX!! Learn to enjoy sex without having to bust every time. You will come to notice that sex will leave you energized and ready for life as opposed to tired and in need of a nap.

Habit #6 Unplug

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve already unplugged to some degree. But the point is still worth noting: Avoid mainstream media to the best of your ability. This includes the people in your life who parrot back mainstream ideologies and thought processes. If you don’t take this habit seriously, your chances of falling into gradual hypnosis increase. You will be lullabied into being a sheep. Unconsciously, you will start becoming more and more ashamed of your masculinity. And gradually you will trade your values for more superficial ones that don’t contribute to your personal growth. Just look at who the mainstream media glorifies today. It’s usually pop-tart celebrities who sing about useless aspects of life. They are glorified as they dance around looking like metrosexuals. Read this blog instead. Read other blogs too. Some great ones I recommend are: Bold & Determined or Danger & Play.

Stay strong Killers!

Maximillian Giamarco

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