Quick Guide: Active Meditation Vs. Passive Sitting Meditation

You don’t need to sit in order to meditate. I used to practice sitting meditation every single day for 20 minutes. But recently I’ve started doing more active mindset exercises that involve positive mindset development and visualization. Then I couple that with mindfulness throughout the day and I get great results.

Now I feel less stuck in my head and more grounded in my body. I also feel more positive and in control. When I just used to practice sitting meditation I felt my intuition become stronger but something was missing from the practice. I have found that void to be filled with my new practice. Though ultimately, I think that the best thing to do is to combine sitting meditation with mindset and visualization exercises.

Sitting meditation is incredibly beneficial though and I encourage everyone to use it. However, I’m starting to believe that you may need different practices at different stages of your life. Sometimes sitting meditation is better and other times a more active approach may be the answer. It depends how much time you can dedicate to each practice each day, your personality type and what you need to work on internally.

Sitting meditation is very passive and involves really accepting what’s going on in your mind and body and being completely at ease and unreactive to it. It also silences the non-stop chatter in your head and sharpens your instinct/intuition.

Active meditation usually involves doing affirmations, moving, breathing-patterns, visualization, and gratitude.

If you don’t have that much time throughout your day to dedicate on training your mind, body, and spirit, then you might need to make the choice: A more passive meditation or a more active practice?

Generally, I’ll use a more active approach to my meditation if I’m at a very building/action-oriented phase of my life. Building/action usually involves work, pumping iron at the gym, pushing out content, running from place-to-place, creating businesses, etc.

However, if it’s a more relaxed time like when I accomplished a good degree of what I wanted to accomplish then a more passive meditation might be my choice. If I’m resting and reflecting or traveling, I generally feel more meditative and thus prefer sitting meditation.

Stay grounded and positive,

Maximillian Giamarco

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