How to Be Self-Disciplined: The Beggar and Emperor

self-discipline, the beggar, and emperor

In this article, I want to share with you the following insight:
It is better to be a beggar in the morning and an emperor in the evening than it is to be an emperor in the morning and a beggar in the evening.
What is the nature of your path?
Have you chosen to be a warrior or have you chosen to be a fool?
A warrior is disciplined and being disciplined means to be a disciple to your deepest self.
A fool, on the other hand, is reactive…
He is reactive to the thoughts, emotions, and impulses of his superficial self also known as the monkey-mind.
All the monkey-mind cares about is instant-gratification.
Being a beggar in the morning simply means to pay the price first before giving yourself time for leisure and relaxation.
It means to attack the biggest obstacles of your day first.
It means setting up a plan and executing it first.
In your case, it may mean to hit the gym first, work on your business goals first, take care of your responsibilities first whatever they may be…
After having done all that and paid the price, then you can be an emperor.
Being an emperor in the evening is a lot better as the subsequent feeling of leisure will be that much sweeter, that much more potent, that much more fulfilling.
Imagine how good a drink of water would be if you just finished trekking through the desert without a drop…
Being a beggar first sets up the proper contrast that will make you so grateful and happy.
It is the feeling our ancestors had after having caught their prey sitting around the fire enjoying the company of their tribe.
Life used to give us natural challenges that our abundant society has taken away.
Easy is NOT always better.
True fulfillment often lies on the other side of a challenge.
Be an emperor in the morning and a beggar in the evening and you will suffer…
Imagine waking up and starting the day off checking all your notifications, scrolling through your newsfeed, texting back the girls that you met the other night, watching funny Youtube videos as you make and eat your breakfast, getting a quick 20-minute session in of Call of Duty, smoking some weed, etc.
The contrast that all of these activities will create is one where attacking your obstacles and moving towards your purpose will seem too painful…
The struggle will seem too overwhelming…
You have dulled your sword on useless targets and when the real battle came, you were ineffective.
Keep your sword sharp and ready to attack in the morning…
Fight now and celebrate later.
Arrange your day wisely.
For now on, I challenge you…
When you plan your day, execute the hardest most important tasks first and then give yourself time to truly let go and relax.
Sure, there will be times throughout the day when you should take a break, do a breathing exercise, or a quick yoga session.
But don’t fully let go and relax to the point of setting up an unwise contrast.
When you’re done with your responsibilities, the tasks you know you must do deep down inside…then you can fully let go, fully relax, fully enjoy a session of video-games, or a night out with friends, or a moment of deep intimacy with your woman…
Train yourself to be this way.
It will take some time but it will be worth it.
Over time, it will be second nature.
Such is the way for a man of discipline.
And frankly, I can’t think of a wiser way to live.
Maximillian Giamarco
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