5 Ways to Conquer Instant-Gratification

Instant-gratification will be the cause for your downfall if you aren’t careful. Look around you, what you see are the faces of people who have squandered away their time. What you see are people who chose to stay in and watch T.V instead of hit the gym. You see people who have destroyed their brains through drug-addiction. The world is ruthless in many ways yet beautiful. If you aren’t careful, you will become addicted to instant-gratification and time will pass you by.

Here are some ways to build mental toughness and stay disciplined without giving in to mindless instant-gratification:

1. Adopt The Mindset: A Warrior Acts & A Fool Reacts

Ever since I heard those words of wisdom from Dan Millman’s book “The Peaceful Warrior”, they changed my life. In essence what this quote means is that no matter what is going on in your life, your reaction is your choice. So keep that in mind next time you feel like coping instead of thriving.

2. Keep an “Instant-Gratification Log” on Your Phone

What’s an “instant-gratification log”, you ask? The concept behind this one is simple. Keep a log in your phone where you keep track of your slip-ups. This could be done on the “notes app” or on “Evernote”. (I personally recommend Evernote.)

Example: (Nov 13, 2016) I ate 4 slices of pizza in a row and binged on Netflix. At the time it felt great but now I regret it. This sucks.

If you have a spot on your phone where you have a list of your recent slip-ups, it will help you see the cause-and-effect-nature of your actions. You can read this blog anytime you feel like indulging in a bad habit. It may very well dissuade you from taking further action. Unless of course, your goal is to fill up that log…

3. Keep Junk Food and Other “Sure-Rewards” Out Of The House

Keep the bad shit out of your house if possible. It’s a lot harder to avoid taking that cookie from the cookie jar when it’s right on your living room coffee table calling your name. Keep unnecessary shit out of the house to begin with. This tactic will save you a lot of time because it stops you from having those inner-battles every time you pass by the fridge or [enter source of bad habit here].

4. Text “Code-Red” to A Buddy When You Feel Like You Might Relapse

This one is a jewel tactic. Choose a cool and like-minded friend from your phone book. Give him a call and tell him that a text with the words “code-red”, is a signal meaning you’re in trouble and in need of some motivation. Your friend’s duty at that point is to give you a call or message that puts you back on track.


You’re debating whether or not to skip the gym because you’re feeling unmotivated & lethargic. You text your friend “code-red”

He texts you back saying: “Come on Buddy! You said you would do it 3x a week! No excuses. Just get up and go & it’ll be over before you know it.”

5. Get A Huge Calendar & Track Your Progress Visually

Here’s Mine 

My Progress Calendar

 Every smiley-face is a day that you stayed on track. There’s something about seeing your progress visually that helps you stay motivated. Once you get a few wins, the momentum is addictive.

Another tactic to keep this one effective is to plan for setbacks. If you have a habit of messing up every 3-4 days, put an “x” on the day that you predict will be tough. Then take extra measures to stay on track that day. The point is do something that day to reinforce your positive momentum.

We live in an instant-gratification society where companies are competing for your money and mind. Everywhere you look, you see brands telling you to take a break & enjoy some [enter junk here]. Everywhere you go, there are endless distractions, be it through social media or whatever. Your job is to conquer this urge and stay focused like a laser. Take ownership of your mind…Spartan Ownership…

Stay Strong,

Maximillian Giamarco

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