Practical Thoughts on the Dark Side of Women

the dark side of women

The following is a quote by Rollo Tomassi from his article “The Bitter Taste of the Red Pill”

“The truth will set you free, but it doesn’t make truth hurt any less, nor does it make the truth any prettier, and it certainly doesn’t absolve you of the responsibilities that truth requires. One of the biggest obstacles guys face in unplugging is accepting the hard truths that Game (art of seducing women) forces upon them. Among these is bearing the burden of realizing what you’ve been conditioned to believe for so long were comfortable ideals and loving expectations are really liabilities. Call them lies if you want, but there’s a certain hopeless nihilism that accompanies categorizing what really amounts to a system that you are now cut away from. It is not that you’re hopeless, it’s that you lack the insight at this point to see that you can create hope in a new system – one in which you have more direct control over.”

Here’s the truth: Women are not these loving, virtuous, and magical creatures. At least not in the sense that we’ve been conditioned to believe they are. Women have many beautiful things about them but they also have many horrible and downright dark things about them. My intention with this article is to raise your level of awareness on women-kind and the realities of today’s sexual marketplace making you a more effective and powerful man.

If you’re going to remember one thing about this article, remember this:

The ultimate seducer is one who understands and embraces the dark and twisted side of female nature and today’s sexual marketplace. He also understands and celebrates the lighter and more beautiful aspects of female nature. His art lies in balancing these two extremes making him capable of effectively navigating the modern sexual terrain in a way that serves his deepest purpose. – Maximillian Giamarco

“But it is the same with man as with the tree. The more he seeks to rise to the height and light, the more vigorously do his roots struggle earthward, downward, into the dark, the deep – into evil.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The darker side of women

Women are hypergamous

Hypergamy can be summed up as alpha fucks, beta bucks. 

In other words, women categorize men differently. About 80% of men are betas and 20% are alphas. Many women spend their youth chasing and banging alphas. Then once they start getting older and can’t compete as much with younger women, they look for a sucker to settle down with.

At that point, they usually choose a sex-deprived beta male who is eager to provide for them. They end up marrying the mark secretly fantasizing about the men she’s experienced in her youth. She tells herself that “she’s had her fun” as she continues with the beta male. The beta male secretly senses that she’s not submitting to him fully but settles for what he can get because he figures that that’s the best he can do.

Women’s egos are out of whack due to social media and online dating

Their egos are totally out of whack due to online dating and social media. This is for a reason though. It’s not just an illusion. Due to the availability of willing men, women now pretty much have an overabundance of options available at the touch of a button. Their egos are also of course grossly inflated due to the constant dopamine-induced validation they get when they check their phones/notifications. Combine that with feminism, romcoms, and a sense of entitlement and now you’ve got an ego that no man can satisfy EVER.

The sexual marketplace is NOT fair

Get rid of all the Disney bullshit you think you know about women and the sexual marketplace. The truth is that the sexual marketplace is not fair and women can be ruthless in how they select for sexual encounters as well as more long-term relationships. If you don’t meet her criteria, then you will be ignored. Even if you do meet her criteria, you will be constantly challenged. Her ego and overabundance of options will make her very flaky and difficult to satisfy. Combine that with the victim-mentality many women are taught to undertake in today’s “me-too” culture and you’ve got yourself some trouble. You must learn the ins and outs of the sexual marketplace in order to get a shot at creating a badass sex/love life. If you don’t, you will suffer the consequences like the millions of men who don’t know this stuff are and will.


Women are beautiful, joyful, and amazing beings. They have the capacity to add so much joy to a man’s life. Their feminine energy is intoxicating and can help a man counterbalance the discipline and struggle of his day-to-day life. However, women have a horrible and dark-side as well. This used to be managed more efficiently back in the day when traditions and social norms were put into place making society more structured and aligned with nature. However, now all of this has been lost and it looks like it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Arm yourself with the understanding necessary to navigate the world. Swallow the red pill and feel it’s bitter taste. You will face pain and you will suffer but that’s what will ultimately set you free. It’s better than living in an illusion. Once your roots reach deep into the ground of darkness, you will emerge a new and improved player. A player who is capable of playing the game powerfully.

Until then, stay strong.


Maximillian Giamarco

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