Day 2 of My Impulsive Move to Texas

2 days ago I decided to go to Texas

It was on a whim…

I literally woke up that day and decided to make the move.

The place in NYC I was living in wasn’t really working out anymore and I felt the spirit of adventure calling my name.

I bought one of my brothers with me.

For the past two days, we’ve been traveling around and gathering all of our basic necessities: food, water, laundry detergent, soap, sleeping supplies, etc. 

We’re almost all set.

This was an expensive transition but nothing unreasonable…

I like where we are…it’s close to the city but not so close as to be truly metropolitan.

Now the next move is to get wifi in this place so we can research day-jobs.

The next move after that is going to be to get some form of transportation whether bike, car or motorcycle.

The move after that is going to be to set up systems, schedules, and routines to manage everything properly including setting up designated times for lifting weights and training martial arts.

This is how men function…with order and discipline.

I’m grateful for my roommate/brother because he makes an excellent roommate. Together we make a great team. The transition has been extremely smooth and both of us have kept it cool with ZERO drama taking every opportunity to support one another.

That’s something to keep in mind…

I made this transition quickly and swiftly…

Some might even say irresponsibly.


I did it without letting anyone down and I did it with someone I know and trust.

There’s something to be said for just packing your shit and going on an adventure. I deliberately structured my life to be able to do just that. That’s why I keep material objects to a minimum as well as any hardcore job or relationship commitments.

Living a minimalistic lifestyle is great as it optimizes freedom and the ability to focus on your deepest purpose.

I feel light.

I live light.

My room is literally just some clothes and a yoga mat on the floor for my bed.

That’s another thing…

Mattresses are a very new invention.

Before that, people pretty much slept on the floor or on hand-made cushion arrangements of some sort.

Did they have horrible posture?

Probably not.

Did they all have horrible back problems?

Probably not.

So I’m going to give this yoga mat bed a try.

After doing a bit of research, it looks like sleeping on the floor might, in fact, be the best thing for your back.

The only thing is that the ladies might be a bit surprised but that’s nothing I can’t handle. ;)

By the way, today is day 23 of the Spartan 365 challenge and it’s going great!

Holding the line.

Staying focused and disciplined.

Maintaining my daily standards no matter what.

Stay strong,

Maximillian Giamarco 


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