On Delayed Gratification

It’s almost been a week since I moved to Texas.

I have found work and am waiting on my carpentry apprenticeship to start.

Today I worked hard.

Did a lot of demolition work breaking things apart in a burned down building. It was awesome. There’s nothing like going to bed satisfied after working hard like that. The human body was meant to exert itself.

For the next few days, the schedule involves getting up early, hard labor, and then coming home and taking care of my other responsibilities.

It’s not always easy.

I could just come home and slack off.

I sure feel the temptation to do so…

The funny thing is that the more I feel tempted to slack off, the less I feel connected to my “why”.

Today when I came home, I immediately jumped into a work-out, did some martial arts training, and meditated. Then I ate dinner and now I’m writing this article.

I have to go to bed soon as I’m waking up at about 4:30 Am.

This path isn’t easy but it’s necessary.

If I want to manifest my vision then I need to learn how to delay my gratification and be patient. I can have anything but I can’t have everything.

In your life, do you sometimes want EVERYTHING all at once? Well, you can’t have it right away. You need to be patient.

When I left NYC, I left behind everything including my dating life. Now I have to start from scratch and it feels a bit lonely but this is the path I chose. Now I need to pay the price.

Tonight, I get to go to bed satisfied.


Maximillian Giamarco




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