How to Quickly Destroy Mental Confusion

In this article, I want to share a quick way to destroy mental confusion and replace it with mental clarity and calm.

Why Is Having a Clear Mind Important?

As a man, your deepest purpose is your priority. Your purpose is the core of your life. If you aren’t living in alignment with purpose, you will always feel empty, mediocre, and like something is fundamentally missing.

Most men waste their whole lives because they’re too busy avoiding the truth and numbing themselves with addiction to instant-gratification through junk-food, video-games, and other superficial pursuits. They spend their whole lives in a state of mental confusion.

So how do you live in alignment with your purpose?

One thing for sure is that you need a high degree of mental clarity…

Mental clarity is what gives you the power to see the truth, keep perspective, and make proper decisions in alignment with purpose.

Mental clarity is what gives you the power to listen to that silent yet powerful voice within you that knows what’s best for you…your conscience.

Mental clarity is what gives you the ability to separate negative and reactive thinking/behavior from positive and purpose-driven thinking/behavior.

Also, when your mind is clear and calm, you can ask yourself any question and you will get an answer!

The question could be “How do I get into a more joyful state? What should be my next move in regards to my business? What needs to be improved in my life right now? What do I need to do today to go to bed satisfied?”

Ask and ye shall receive. – Matthew 7:7-8

Sometimes you’ll get a direct answer. Other times, the answer you’ll get won’t be so direct or you won’t like the answer. One thing is for sure and it’s that you will get an answer that will point you in the right direction.

I believe that the universe has given you all the power you need to manifest your deepest purpose in life. One seed contains in it the power to grow a thousand forests. You are that seed. But you must listen to that voice within and not run away from it. You must keep a clear mind.

What Causes Mental Confusion?


Any outside substance can contribute to mental confusion.

However, in some cases, some plants can actually lead to more mental clarity. Not all drugs are equal. Nature has given us many goodies through the form of Kava, Kratom, Green-Tea, and more.

These light plant enhancers can contribute to your overall mental state, however, you must be privy to when you are using those things too much and becoming over-dependent. Whenever you become over-dependent to even things like coffee, now you are opening the door to more mental confusion. Your mind won’t be able to function right because it will be craving another dose and therefore in a reactive state.

Then there are the harder things such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc. These things should be kept to an absolute minimum. They almost never lead to a heightened state of awareness and they almost always lead you to make stupid decisions that go against what you know to be true.

When I reduced alcohol and other outside enhancers to a bare minimum, I experienced a lot more mental clarity and an increase in my decision-making ability.


Poor diet can definitely cause mental confusion as well as lack of movement/exercise.

If you don’t move enough and you sit around all day, your internal energy will become stagnant. Ever sit in front of a computer for a really long time? You start to feel like all your energy is stuck in your head. The rest of your body is figuratively cut off from the rest of your awareness. This results in a compulsive state of mind where your thinking isn’t free and clear but rather congested, compulsive, and anxious.

Also if your diet is poor then you’re not feeding your neurotransmitters the proper fuel to operate optimally which of course causes mental confusion.

Addiction to Social-Media

The unskilled and compulsive use of social media and other media tools will result in mental confusion.

Your awareness will be fogged up by the constant influx of novel information conditioning you to be distracted and in constant need of novelty. This destroys your ability to stay focused for any significant length of time. Focus is the key to success and you won’t have any.

Therefore, create a standard for how often you check social media and stick to it. I personally check my texts 3x per day and social media 1x per day.

Here’s a quick way to snap out of mental confusion and regain clarity

Relaxation, binaural beats, and reading. (RBR Drill)

A practice that I came up with recently and have been doing recently is using binaural beats in conjunction with laying down/relaxing and reading.

This is a great drill to do if you are feeling stress, mental confusion, and unclear thinking.

It’s very simple.

The practice

Simply, cut off all distractions. Put your phone on airplane mode. Go into a dark room or someplace where you won’t be disturbed. Lay down comfortably. Put on some binaural beats for focus or calm. Choose 1-2 books. Then proceed to relax and read with the binaural beats playing. Read a few pages, put the book down, and simply relax and lightly think about what you just read.

Why it works

Binaural beats are basically tracks that you listen to that induce certain brain waves. There are many different types of binaural beats meant to induce different states such as focus, calm, relaxation, etc.

First, the binaural beats adjust your brainwaves which break the pattern of mental fog you were just in. Then your body begins to relax. After a few minutes, your awareness becomes less constrained and compulsive.

Then reading a powerful book for a few pages re-aligns your thinking with more powerful ideas and perspectives. Putting the book down every few minutes and relaxing allows you to calm down and simply reflect on what you read.

Remember: this isn’t the time to get compulsive about reading either as that will over-stimulate you. The key here is to maintain a balance between relaxed awareness and reading to slowly get your mind back to where it needs to be.

You can do this drill for as little as 15 minutes or as much as a few hours.

One thing is for sure and it’s that you will come out feeling more relaxed, aware, and aligned with purpose.

Nothing fancy. But it’s a drill that works for me and I believe it will work for some of you.


Maximillian Giamarco

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