How to Be Highly Disciplined Without Taking Life Seriously

Life seems very serious at times. Yes, the world is a dark place. The world has proven to be more than ruthless. But…

A warrior thinks of his death when things become unclear. … and follows it, and then he looks and rejoices and laughs, and then he sees and knows.” – Carlos Castaneda

No matter what difficulties, struggles, or situations fall into your life. Guess what? In the end, you will turn to dust. Maybe you’ll be remembered for a while but chances are you won’t. Chances are you won’t be remembered for that long. Chances are you will be forgotten dust. But guess what, even the biggest most known philosophers of history and time are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Our planet is a spec of dust in the span of infinity.

Why the fuck worry? This isn’t to say, “live life for today for tomorrow we die”. I am not advocating a hedonistic philosophy. To the contrary, I highly value discipline, strength, honor, virtue, and hardship. I believe in attainment and in enlightenment. The reason I’m applying the current reasoning is that stress can kill you and cause you to live a weaker life.

Therefore, keep death in mind and keep the big picture in mind as warriors have across the span of time. Be like Leonidas (The Spartan King) and have contempt for death. Once you let go and ease up a bit, your movements take on a new grace. This grace allows you to live on a higher vibration. This grace allows you to be cool under pressure like Donald Trump or the other great men of history. This grace will allow you to endure the trials of life, the trials that great men must face to maintain if not exceed the honor of their ancestors.

This grace is needed now more than ever before because our current society threatens those of us that are strong. Society threatens our manhood and it’s especially sneaky. In subtle ways, we tend to forsake a piece of our manhood and strength every day. We exchange it for comfort and mediocrity. We exchange it for poorly thought-out and faulty philosophies that emasculate us and leave us vulnerable to attack. Remember, be a warrior in the middle of a garden as opposed to a gardener in the middle of a war.

Move forward with discipline brothers,

Maximillian Giamarco

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