How to Persuade Doubters that Self-Development is Valuable


The value of self-development is not always apparent. A lot of people dismiss it as a waste of time and a form of mental masturbation. You may have people in your family like this.

This article is meant to make you understand the value of self-development so you know why you’re doing it and so that you know what to tell people who dismiss it as a waste of time.

Self-development is basically the getting rid of faulty thinking, faulty emotions, and other faulty mechanisms in our mindset and life that don’t contribute to our evolution.

Self-development involves reprogramming our subconscious minds in order to live a more positive, purposeful, and empowering life. It is the evolution of our psychology so that we emerge as resourceful and happy individuals that achieve our goals in EVERY area of life.

Self-development programs us to be more resourceful in every situation.

In life there is the inner world and the outer world. Self-development is the tweaking of the inner world and then the subsequent changes that occur in the outer world. It is also the knowledge needed to tweak the outer world to create changes in the inner world.

“As within so without” – Hermes (Ancient Philosopher)

Navy SEALs, special forces soldiers, presidents, elite athletes, samurai, warriors, monks, philosophers, and entrepreneurs are great examples of men and women who take self-development seriously. Although not all of them do so consciously.  But the point is that these individuals have refined their mindsets for elite performance.

Taking the knowledge of self-development seriously and really focusing your energy on taking control of your mindset is extremely powerful because it makes you more resourceful in anything you do.

What would you rather have? A positive, resourceful and optimistic mindset programmed to succeed through relentless training and discipline or…

Would you rather have a mind riddled with insecurities, faulty thinking, negative emotions, emotional issues, disempowering beliefs about yourself and the world, etc?

Not dedicating time to focus on self-development is ultimately a way of shooting yourself in the foot. It’s like expecting to drive fast with one foot on the break. Therefore focusing on becoming better is like taking that foot off the break and letting your vehicle take you where you need to go that much faster.

Don’t let anybody fool you into thinking that developing yourself is mental masturbation and a waste of time. But beware, you need to be honest with yourself. If you simply spend all of your time reading books on becoming better but never scheduling the time to take action, you will always be a “talker” and not a “walker” AKA someone who takes action.

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Maximillian Giamarco


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