How to Eat Clean Way More Often

Sometimes discipline isn’t the only thing to focus on. Sometimes all you need is a mechanical change. I eat clean 6 days a week very consistently. Part of the reason for that is I control my environment. I keep my environment clean and free of junk food. That way I’m not constantly being tempted every time I walk into my kitchen. 

You need to be in control of your environment. I realize that sometimes that’s not very easy especially if you live with people i.e your family. But if you live alone, this is easier. If you live alone and your goal is to be eating clean, you should discipline yourself to have a clean environment.

Having junk food scattered around the house, makes you use up some of your willpower every time you pass by without eating any. If you are a crackhead and are trying to quit, do you think it would be wise to live in a home with little stashes of crack scattered around? Of course not. We are all food-addicts to one extent or another so why burden yourself with leaving shit food all over the house? Get rid of it in the first place & don’t worry about it as much…

I have an uncle who is overweight and diabetic. Yet every time I go to his house, he has little plates of candy and other crap laying around. He says it’s for the guests but every day, he inevitably has a bite or piece of candy and sometimes goes as far as binging. He is a perfect example of a food-addict who overburdens himself with too many opportunities to relapse.

If you take this step a bit further, controlling your environment means controlling who and where you hang out as well. If all of your buddies are a bunch of fast-food enthusiasts, you are only hurting yourself when you’re hanging out with them. Establish strict boundaries so that they know not to pressure you into eating out. If they persist, consider cutting them off. What’s more important, your health or good friends who are fun to hang with but don’t take your boundaries into consideration?

Taking Spartan Ownership means controlling what you can control. It means taking full responsibility for your health and other aspects of your life. What’s one thing you can control? Your immediate environment and who you hang out with. I challenge you to never bring in any more junk food into your house. Keep your house clean and conducive to your goals.

Stay strong & fit,

Maximillian Giamarco

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