How To Embrace Weird Moods Without Indulging

Learning to embrace your mood

Being positive is overrated. I mean it’s extremely important. However, it’s exhausting to always strive for this state. Sometimes, embracing your weird mood with awareness and breathing through it can be quite the experience.

In this instant gratification society, we have been marketed a billion pleasures to use as escape routes to our pain. In my experience, choosing indulgence as a way to cope with pain has proven to be ineffective. Indulging on top of your sorrows only buries you deeper in them.

The other day, I felt somewhat down. I don’t know why. It might have been something I ate, who knows. The temptation was to do what I always do: Eat or distract myself somehow. Instead, I simply breathed and went along without self-sabotage.

What happened next was interesting. The state I previously felt started to dissipate and my sense of self-worth stayed intact. I was proud of not giving into self-indulgence and I started to feel more positive. This is a good example of the Buddhist concept of impermanence.

This is a good example of the Buddhist concept of impermanence. Impermanence is basically the idea that nothing is permanent, that everything is constantly changing. A good analogy for impermanence is the weather. Although one day there might be rain, the next day might be sunny.

Ultimately, your moods aren’t permanent. And you can’t always control them. The key is to choose your reaction. Are you going to give in and settle for mediocrity by indulging in cookies and the latest crap on Youtube or are you going to breathe deeply and ground yourself in…

It’s your choice what to ground yourself in. For some, it might be the stillness/awareness that is ultimately you. For others, it might be their purpose and their long-term vision. I like to mix the two…

Stay strong men,

Maximillion Giamarco

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