Developing Mental Clarity: The Foggy Windshield Analogy

This weekend I was driving to the supermarket when it started raining like crazy. I literally couldn’t see out of the window. I could have easily gotten into a car crash.

I was beginning to wonder if, I should just pull over and wait out the rain. All of a sudden, I had an idea that changed the reality of the situation. Maybe the windows are fogged from the inside of the car, I wondered. Using my hand, I wiped away at the windshield. They were fogged!

I was driving around for miles with my windows fogged thinking it was the force of the rain!

I wiped away at my windshield and all of a sudden I could see again. It was a 90% increase in vision. There was still rain but I knew where I was going…

Then it hit me! In life, we often look hopelessly at our situation and blame it on the outside world. So, we slow down and pull over not taking any action. But the truth often is that our field of vision is clouded from the inside!

There are many examples of where you might see the world as foggy and I invite you to ask yourself, “Is this reality or is my vision just obstructed?” And if it’s reality accept it and move on. There’s no point in stressing over shit you can’t change.

In order to start clearing your vision, you must utilize massive awareness in your daily life. You need to become a fucking realist. The truth is most of us are driving around like me that day. We have a foggy windshield and we think that it’s because of the rain.

We think that’s it’s because of the outside world that we are not living the lives that we want. This is what taking Spartan Ownership means. It means breaking the fucking windshield if we have to. There will always be rain but we can see clearly if we just remove the fog.

The fog in your life is the perceived obstacle in front of you. It is the voice in your head that tells you why you can’t. The fog is the distortion of your emotions. The fog is the voices in your head due to all of the conditioning. The fog is the dragon that you must slay in order to move forward and win!

The truth is that there is MASSIVE opportunity everywhere yet we are blind to it. 365 days – 365 opportunities.

Ask yourself: What is a situation in your life that you might be blaming on the rain (outside circumstances), but in reality it is your windshield that is fogged?
Most situations are like the one above in life. We think that we can’t change. We think that it’s outside our realm of control. But that’s bullshit. You must be humble.

You must be humble for the fact is… It is you that must wipe at your windshield for it is you that is not seeing reality. There will be rain. There will be thunder. But you have all the tools you need to navigate your way through.

Your bro,

Maximillian Giamarco


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Maximillian Giamarco

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