Hard Labor Is Humbling

Today I worked 13 hours straight of intense labor. I still haven’t secured a good position in Texas yet and I want to have some money in my pocket instead of lazing out all day and depleting my savings.

Hard labor for shit pay is a very humbling experience.

It makes me realize that I’ve been taking a lot of shit for granted. It’s also making me realize the value of money more. Back when I had an easy job and connections, I would impulsively spend my money on random shit. Now that I work so hard for every dollar, I’m a lot more disciplined with the use of my money. It’s truly a wake-up call.

I’ve also seen some very interesting characters at this labor job. A lot of men who are middle-aged and in a rut. A lot of them are alcoholics and drug addicts. A lot of them have serious mental issues. While working and during breaks, I barely said a word and simply observed. I noticed that a lot of these people have a victim mentality. All they do is bitch and moan about the problems in their lives and how it’s everyone else’s fault but theirs. One could easily tell that these men don’t know what it means to take responsibility. It’s sad and I wish them the best because they really are some hard working mother-fuckers.

One thing I will say and it’s that there is nothing like coming home after a hard day of work like that and relaxing. It’s really a beautiful feeling. I’m starting to realize what the human body is capable of. And a lot of the men out there have been doing this kind of thing for years now for better or worse. I still love the idea of working with my hands and believe it’s a manly thing and am still in route to learn carpentry. However, the ultimate vision is to turn SO into an amazing business.

I’m starting to feel a bit tired so I’m going to take the day off tomorrow, catch up on SO work, and relax. The enemies are on their way and I must allow my body to rest/recover so I can confront them when they do come.


Maximillian Giamarco


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