On Hard Labor

Today is Day 25 of the Spartan 365 Challenge. 

Today is Day 4 of my impulsive move to Texas.

Today also happens to be my birthday.

Today is also my first day of being employed in Texas…

I went to a labor staffing agency which is basically an agency where you sign up and get sent off to do general construction work in random places. You sign up, they hire you, you work and they pay you all in the same day. The pay is shit and the labor tedious but it’s only for a few weeks as I wait for my slot to become a carpentry apprentice. 

I worked for a couple of hours in the sun picking up wood and other debris at a construction site in order to clear it out and make it clean. It was over 100 degrees but we had some cold water and I was enjoying the work. It feels good working with my hands. I don’t mind it much. 

I find that in those moments humor helps. Humor helps when you’re kind of bored and doing something tedious. So I joked around with the guys on site. 

I also felt my monkey-mind spike at one point incessantly thinking about all types of things. I took a moment to breathe and relax and clear my mind which helped. Everything is fine yet the monkey mind will always find something to obsess about if you’re not vigilant in governing it. 

In the end, I got paid and cashed my check. It wasn’t much but I was happy. I deserved that money. I earned that money. I don’t want to just blow it. When you work for your own money, you’re less likely to impulsively spend it. This is teaching me the value of money.

Now, I’m sitting by the pool and typing this. There’s nothing like coming home after spending time in the field only to relax, have fun, and rejuvenate. My plan is to go out tonight and get some good ol’ Texas barbecue. I’m going to a nice spot for my birthday. After that, I’m going to see what kind of beauties there are out here in Texas. I’m sure I’ll find at least one today that’s half-decent to talk to…a girl I can see again perhaps. 

My life feels simple. I have my physical and mental training regiment. I have my day-job which funds my personal and professional goals. It also happens to be manly compared to being a paper-pusher in some air-conditioned office somewhere. Once I get the carpentry position, I will learn very practical skills. Then I have SO which is my true purpose, something that I will build all throughout my life. Then I go out and meet and seduce beautiful women. Then I hang out with my brothers. I’m living life on my terms. It feels good. Really good. Knowing this allows me to push through whatever challenges arise and there will be plenty. I chose the masculine path. I chose the warrior path. I chose the natural path. I chose the path of enlightenment. This path isn’t easy and it’s not for the lazy and uncommitted. This path takes spirit and determination. 

What path have you chosen?

Maximillian Giamarco


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