How to Be a King: Stepping Into Chaos & Establishing Order

King Lion

My outcome with this article is to push you towards the next level of evolution. My outcome is to help you evolve and become a stronger, faster, and better version of yourself. A man aligned with the divine who is ready to serve, lead, conquer, and create. This article is about becoming a more complete man.

Spartan King Leonidas

“What constitutes acceptable power? What constitutes acceptable sovereignty? Who should lead? Who should rule? What should be at the top? The Mesopotamians figured that out: Speech, vision, and the willingness to confront the terrible unknown. That’s what should rule.” – Jordan Peterson  

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians

This article is for leaders of men. This article can also arm you with an understanding of who is worthy of being a leader. Not every man can or will be a great leader but every man can apply the lessons of leadership to one or more aspects of his life.

Chaos and the unknown

What is the unknown?

Stepping into the unknown is stepping into fear.

It’s stepping into tension and chaos.

The US Army coined a term called VUCA:

V = Volatility. The nature and dynamics of change, and the nature and speed of change forces and change catalysts.

U = Uncertainty. The lack of predictability, the prospects for surprise, and the sense of awareness and understanding of issues and events.

C = Complexity. The multiplex of forces, the confounding of issues, no cause-and-effect chain and confusion that surrounds organization.

A = Ambiguity. The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and-effect confusion.

In all areas of life, there are moments and situations with VUCA type characteristics. Elite warriors such as the Navy SEALs or other special forces units train hard for these VUCA type scenarios which are partly why they deserve such a BADASS reputation.

The warrior’s price

There are many rewards for the man who makes the unknown his friend: Inner strength, pride, courage, inner-peace, respect, admiration, honor, and glory.

However, you must also be cognizant of the price.

Depending on the situation, the price can be as small as ridicule, shame, short-term pain, mistakes, etc. The price can also be big: You can be maimed, killed, lose people you love, get rejected socially, etc.

Most people are weak

Former Navy SEAL David Goggins said that “these days it’s easy to be strong because most people are so weak.” Just taking a little bit of risk and stepping into a little fear might be enough to gain status and honor.

However, I am NOT just for gaining external validation. I am for pushing your limits and comparing yourself to your mentors instead of the average joe. Therefore I believe in constantly moving towards the next level, it’s never enough. Enlightenment isn’t enough. There is always another level.

Developing a great vision

“Two things were required of them by Yahweh: first, that they walk in his ways, the Hebrew equivalent of being in the Tao; and second, that they “be fruitful and multiply,” that they have many wives and many children.” – King, warrior, magician, lover. 

It’s worth noting that leadership and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand. A leader is one who has a strong vision of the future…a strong purpose…and mentally he already sees it like hologram.
This vision is highly soured in consciousness or Tao.
This vision is refined over time in deep states of immersion with source. A vision is also in line with nature and the greater good. I believe a good leader should also understand nature so that his vision is aligned with it as opposed to against it. In nature, you will find patterns and in these patterns, you will find secrets.

Leaders inspire action through speech

Leaders must understand and master the human language.
They must know how to use words to move people. They must understand the nuances of communication. They must understand and appreciate human nature. The study of literature, communication, and psychology will help any leader become better.
There are many nuances to communication: vocabulary, facial expressions, tonality, body language, context, traditions, customs, culture, social conditioning, etc. A leader knows how to read and use these different distinctions to his advantage in order to create a truly accurate mental model of what’s going on so he can take advantage of the situation to move it to better ground.

Closing thoughts

Put simply, source yourself in consciousness and become acquainted with the divine through meditation and/or other practices. Start to get a feel for the future that you want to create (whether that’s a family, career path, business, etc). Learn how to inspire others to join you on the path (hint: Be 100% certain and full of enthusiasm). Lastly, step into the unknown and take the risk associated with the accomplishment of your vision. Pay the price. Did you fall? Good. Learn from your mistakes. Repeat. Manifestation isn’t spontaneous.

Kiss your fears and make the edge your home. Be patient. Relax.


Maximillian Giamarco


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