How to Stop Being a Bitch

Stop doing activities that disempower you and you’ll stop being a bitch. Sometimes that’s all there is to it.

Some not so obvious activities that disempower you:

  • Watching TV
  • Being indoors Too Much
  • Being insecure
  • Feeling self-pity

These activities depolarize you, keep you weak and emasculated. The key to staying grounded in masculine energy and power is to never let these activities cloud your true essence.

Watching TV

Watching TV disempowers you. When was the last time you watched TV and felt empowered? When most people watch TV they zone out and become unconscious. There’s nothing wrong with a balanced approach to watching TV but you need to be careful.

You want to feel empowered after your rest period not depleted.

Self-Pity & Insecurity

Feeling self-pity turns you into a weak man. Self-pity is completely useless. Nature doesn’t revolve around you. The universe and nature don’t respond to self-pity other than by punishing you for it. The universe rewards those who rise.  

Self-pity depolarizes you and makes you emotional.

Self-pity will make women turned off by you. Women want strength and reliability in you. In order for them to let go and submit to you, you need to be worth it. Being strong and in control equates to being worth it.

Sometimes it’s okay to feel insecure. Everyone feels it at one point or another but to linger in insecurity is completely useless and will turn you into a bitch. It’s OK to vent your frustrations and have a bitch moment but keep it short. A warrior cannot be insecure because insecurity will make him less effective in the world.

Being Indoors Too Much

If you’re indoors too much, chances are that you aren’t moving around much which means you’re disconnected from your body. Get out of the head and enter the body or face unconsciousness and over-thinking.

Move the body, go outside, avoid over thinking, and let go of self-pity and insecurities. Do activities that empower you. Even if it’s your rest day, learn to relax in a way that leaves you rejuvenated. The key is to not binge or over-do the “relaxation” by filling your body with toxins in the form of junk food or junk information.

Move forward,

Maximillian Giamarco

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