Thoughts After a Week-Long Junk-Food Binge

Junk-Food Binge

A warrior acts and a fool reacts. – Dan Millman.

You must learn how to control yourself otherwise you will be controlled by unwanted thoughts, impulses, and other forces. I spent the last week in an instant-gratification palooza. Of course, I regret it now. I ate a ton of junk food and watched a ton of nonsense. Every time I take that course of action, I always end up regretting it. It’s amazing how irrational I can be. At the end of the day, this was a learning experience.

What initially triggered me to start eating all the crap was some thoughts and emotions that were worrying me. I was feeling stress. Logically, I knew that I could meditate or choose another healthy way of dealing with the stress but I just didn’t want to. It was almost a proud rebellion to say “no” and eat junk food instead. But in the end, I only hurt myself. It was my weak and old-self battling with my stronger and new self.

I spent the entire week not doing shit. If anybody saw me in that state, I’m sure I’d be really embarrassed. I literally felt like a crack-head addicted to junk and instant gratification. Whether it’s in the short-term or in the long-term, underserved and reckless indulgence has negative consequences.

Consequences I suffered

  • I got sick (fever and cold) (weakened immune system from all the toxins and stress)
  • Poor brain function and clouded awareness.
  • Tons of wasted time (over an entire week) There are only about 3,000 days left in my 20’s and I’ve just completely wasted 8 of them.
  • Lost momentum from all the positive changes and habits I was doing.
  • Lost self-respect and self-trust. (I don’t feel like I can rely on myself)
  • Loading my body with toxins and decreasing its vitality.
  • Rewiring my neurons to seek out more instant-gratification and meaningless pleasure.
  • And much much more…

At the time of my vices, I didn’t feel like there would be many short-term consequences. But of course, I was wrong. There are immediate short-term consequences and way more serious long-term ones.

I still feel like shit as I’m typing this. My back hurts from all the sitting around. But this morning I woke up feeling like I’m tired of this shit. So, I picked myself back up and dusted myself off and now I’m ready to resume my journey to becoming a warrior and to mastering myself.

During my week of pitiful self-indulgence, I kept complaining that there was nobody to come and save me from this. Why couldn’t I have a present father figure to discipline me or a mentor? The truth is that nobody is coming to save me and my tattoo stating “100% responsible” is of course right. I must take full responsibility if I’m going live an awesome life.

One of my biggest current challenges staying focused in the heat of temptation and challenge. Things are easy when you’re motivated. But I know that in a few hours or days, I’ll want to lay around and not do anything again. I must develop a strategy that prevents me from submitting to those forces. This is a battle for sure. The corporations, society, the media and this weak and masturbatory society doesn’t give a fuck about you. They’ll keep throwing whatever distracting indulgence they can to shut you up. We must take back control of our minds and our bodies and live powerfully.

Till next time.

Master thyself,

Maximillion Giamarco

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