Practical Thoughts on the Kratom Lifestyle

What is kratom lifestyle?

I have done kratom lifestyle for around 3-4 months and can say that I have experienced many benefits but also have realized that it isn’t for me.

Living the kratom-lifestyle basically entails doing kratom almost every day 7-days a week. You can build up a tolerance to kratom so it’s important to rotate strains.

What is kratom?

Kratom is a plant that comes from Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is similar to opiates in the way that it affects your neurotransmitters but it’s a lot milder and has fewer side-effects. It is known for its ability to boost one’s mood, relieve stress, cause euphoria, and increase one’s sense of wellbeing. It can definitely enhance your performance at the gym and at work as well.

I was initially inspired to try the kratom lifestyle after reading about it from Good Looking Loser who happens to be a huge advocate.

The bright side

On the bright side, I did have many beautiful days and in my experience kratom helps me reflect on my goals in a very positive way. My thinking is clear and vivid. My motivation stays high. It can truly contribute to some amazing states of mind.

Doing it almost every day meant that I was in a pretty good mood no matter what I happened to be doing. At the time, I was working in a restaurant which involved a good deal of tedious and boring work which was facilitated by the kratom. Even some very boring tasks can be made a lot more fun with kratom.

The dark side

The dark side was that I started to feel overly-dependent on it. If I went a day or two without it, I kept wondering how much better things would be if I were on it again. It was like this constant fear of missing out. It felt like life was kind of dull without it.

When I went a few days without it, I would start to crave it a lot. I didn’t really feel significant withdrawal but I didn’t feel the same when I wasn’t on it. It was as if my brain stopped producing the feel-good chemicals that it used to because it learned to replace those chemicals with kratom.

My final decision

I recently threw out my entire supply of kratom because I couldn’t stand having it in my house and not doing it. After doing a 30-day challenge with no kratom, I learned to simply enjoy and be happy without any help from outside substances. I experienced way more profound and beautiful states without kratom just by engaging in meditation and other practices. I find that I function a lot better when I’m mentally clear and just focused on my path.

Am I completely done with kratom?

No, I think that I will maybe use it again here and there but sparingly and for special experiences. I don’t see it as useful on a daily or weekly basis though for my purposes. I don’t think that kratom itself is bad but rather overly relying on it is bad.


Maximillian Giamarco


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