How to Live Like a Monk in a Society Overburdened by Choice

In today’s society, we are overburdened by choice. Choice is a double edged sword. In one way, it is good that we have the freedom of choice but in another way, it is a burden.

The constant variety and constant choices we have make us overthink everything.

The constant variety and constant choice in today’s society make us hesitant to commit to a path, art, way of life or practice. This is dangerous because just like a tree needs strong roots to grow into a strong and vital oak, you need a degree of endurance, discipline, and commitment to reach your potential.

Without roots, a tree would be a mere tumbleweed. That’s what a lot of men are in today’s society: A bunch of tumbleweeds. Tumbleweeds with seeds of greatness. But tumbleweeds nonetheless.

The burden of choice is not the only reason that we are tumbleweeds. Other factors come into play of course. But choice plays a role because the over-thinking leaves us constantly questioning ourselves resulting in doubt and analysis-paralysis.

Analysis-paralysis rarely if ever results in action. Time flies and if you never commit to anything you will keep floating from one thing to the other until time runs out.

The warrior travels light. I understand that commitments can be a burden at times. So choose wisely but choose nonetheless or face the curse of the tumbleweed.

How to choose what to commit to is a whole other subject. But part of choosing what to commit to involves realizing that no matter what you choose, the grass may appear greener on the other side. You must be disciplined once you choose.

Part of making the right choices in life simply involves knowing yourself. The ancients say “Know Thyself”. There is a reason that saying has stood the test of time.

Knowing myself, I know that I feel drawn to help men take ownership over their lives.

At times it seems like I should be focused on other projects perhaps ones that could be making me money faster. But I am careful to control my environment now and eliminate distractions that are not conducive to my purpose.

Life this way feels better. It’s more simple. I like it better this way. My instincts are sharp and my mind isn’t overburdened by the information overload that is today’s norm.

In many ways, my purpose is to travel light and live a narrow path. Narrow like a monk whose sole purpose is enlightenment. Imagine a monk trying to gain enlightenment in the middle of a billion notifications and ads on social media each with their own agenda to win your attention.

In order to be happy, grounded and have that overall feeling of lightness and flow, you need to be disciplined in what you choose to focus on & commit. This is in many ways a narrow path but let me ask you, would you rather be at the tip of the spear flying through the wind with a purpose or would you rather live like a boat stuck at sea with no sail?

The warrior travels light,

Maximillian Giamarco

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