How To Master Women and Seduction

Women. Beautiful..seductive…chaotic…they give inspiration to a man and fill him with dread at the same time. They are the ultimate self-development exercise because they test your ability to stay in your stay unmoved by the chaos of the world and of your own mind.

This article is written to explore how a masculine man should interact with women if he wishes to do so on a high level. Levels that will turn him into a master seducer…a modern day casanova…a natural…a man who leads an amazing and fulfilling life with the women he encounters.

You are energy and that is a scientific fact. Therefore, every action you take is an expression of energy. Love, sex, and seduction are expressions of that energy.

Here is a brief overview of masculine and feminine energy:

Masculine energy: grounded, present, stillness at the core, not swayed by the movement of the world, non-reactive, identified with the ever-present immovable core.

Feminine energy: identified with the flow of life, chaotic, easily swayed by life’s movements, reactive.

The Secret to seduction lies within the artful mastery of the interplay or “polarity” of these two energies. Polarity gives seduction it’s electric power similar to two negative and positive magnets.

You may be a man looking for a wife, a mother to your children, a girlfriend, a one night stand, a harem, a friend with benefits, whatever it may be. These are all within your right and there is nothing right or wrong with any of these choices. However, I will say that there is a way to make these relationships you have with women happen on a higher vibration.

As opposed to low vibration expressions of neediness, insecurity, escapism, unconsciousness, etc.

Here is what I mean by low consciousness expressions of the interplay of energy:

See…when you fuck a girl you’re not actually attracted to just because you need to release some steam…(bust a nut)

Or when you jerk off to porn for the millionth time because you want to do something to take the “edge” off of life…

Or when you fantasize/masturbate excessively to images in your head of women you may have encountered at work or past experiences.

These activities are low vibration because they don’t leave you better off when done. They are like junk-food. You indulge in them and then you feel depleted and weird when it’s done.
Plus with neuroplasticity, you are wiring yourself to express your sexual energy, masculinity, and purpose in low consciousness ways.

Build new habits


If you are truly on the path to becoming the highest version of yourself, you must abandon low expressions of yourself for newer, better and higher versions of your seductive self.

Duke Ellington had 2 passions: music and women. The two were interrelated. His endless affairs were a constant inspiration for his music; he also treated them as if they were theater, a work of art within themselves. This was not a sexual affair, a tawdry one-nighter, but a heightened moment in the woman’s life. – Robert Greene (Art Of Seduction)

Duke is a good example of someone who can transform something that can easily be low vibration indulgence (endless one night stands with groupies) to a high-vibration expression of who he is. Duke makes every seduction a work of art and theater. He truly enjoyed the essence of women and he was a master with them.

Whether you are looking for a long-term mate or you are like Duke Ellington, I invite you to let go of lower vibrational forms of seduction. And instead, develop new habits where you actually seduce women you are deeply attracted to and make the experience a beautiful one. The reward is that you will enjoy a high degree of insight into human nature, women and the subtle dance of desire and the “playful warfare” that is male and female social/sexual dynamics. You will have a way more positive experience where you will feel like you added something to your life (and hers).

Relish in the energetic interplay of the seductive process. Relish in the woman. Approach with gratitude and detachment. Approach with humility. Approach her while grounded in your masculine core…immovable…ever present…and unreactive. Stare her deep in the eye and inhale her energy within you. No seduction is alike. It is an art and a life-long journey of learning, getting your ego broken and then rebuilding it into a stronger and better you. One that is able to seduce a woman and pierce through her shield of insecurity, fear, confusion, and chaos.

Kill the old and build the new. This is the way to becoming a master seducer whether you are in a long-term relationship or a wandering seducer like Duke. Master the interplay of sexual energy, be grateful, stay grounded in your core and purpose, open her up into a higher expression of herself and inspire freedom with the way you seduce. Leave her better off than when you found her. And you, in turn, will gain an incredible degree of mastery over yourself as well.

It’s about taking control of who you are.

This is what it means to take Spartan Ownership over seduction.

Stay strong,

Maximillian Giamarco


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Maximillian Giamarco

Entrepreneur, coach, and author. Spartan Ownership is centered on providing groundbreaking content, products, and services tailored to improving men's lives. Main areas of focus include masculine lifestyle design, character development, self-discipline, MMA, women, mind and body optimization, and more!

Reader Interactions


  1. dave says

    …but what am I supposed to do if no one gives me a chance to take them on a damn date in the first place….it’s like at some point in all of our lives: we would like human affection/connection…but again, how the hell am I supposed to get the connection/affection if nobody ever gives me a chance ?

    • Author says

      It seems like you are having issues with picking up a girl and getting a chance. Let me ask you, why should a girl give you a chance? What differentiates you from the other men she can choose? Are you working out? Do you take care of your hygiene? Do you invest time and money into a good style? Do you practice approaching women? Come on brother, you can do this. Nobody said it would be easy. Check out the “Body Of A Spartan” book on the home page. It’s a great program for beginners to get start building muscle.

      • dave says

        But I have already built myself into a good catch…I have a great body/muscle from working out and eating healthy the past couple years. My point was: there’s only so much a person can do (especially since I’m doing my best in all aspects), but at some point, someone is going to have to want to give a chance.

        • ModernSpartan says

          Yeah, if you’ve been doing your best, you should put yourself out there more. Also, there are other things you may need to work on. You may have some personality flaws that are very overt. If you feel bitter or resentful towards women they will often feel that. Email me a more detailed question and I’ll create a video response @

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