Blast Through Mental Fog and Go Dark


Do you ever get the following symptoms?

Mental fog.

Analysis paralysis.

Tunnel vision.

Mental tension.

Physical tension.

Thinking just ain’t clear.

Don’t feel like getting anything done.

Don’t know what to do.

You know what to do but there are too many things and it’s just circling around your head.

I got a solution for you:

Get out of the house.

Get out of the office.

Stop everything for a second and just be.

You’re not a human doing.

You are a human being.

You’ve overstayed in the world of matter and internal monkey-mind chatter.

It’s time to check out and go dark like David Goggins.

Just go dark.

Going dark means removing yourself from all the daily minutia.

It means removing yourself from all the trivial daily garbage for a few moments.

It’s zeroing in on your own non-stop internal chatter and putting your mind on silent.

I did that today and immediately I became stronger.

Immediately I made better choices.

I started off the day strong:

I had no breakfast, meditated, hit the gym, and scheduled my day.

Sat down did some work.

But then “it” hit me.

The mental fog, the excuses, and not knowing what to do; analysis paralysis.

I felt myself getting reactive: “Why the fuck am I feeling this way? I’ve barely done anything!”.

I felt guilty because I was having this experience meanwhile my living conditions are nowhere near as stressful or dire as many of the warriors I look up to.

But then I reminded myself that I am NOT those men. I am me and I have my own life. As much as it’s great to keep perspective and look up to those men, I must not compare myself to them all the time. It is better to compare myself to how I was yesterday instead. That is a better way.

So I accepted the moment.

This is MY experience and who knows why it’s happening. I suddenly remembered my very poor night of sleep the night before as well as my tendency to over-analyze shit.

I got up, put on some binaural beats, and laid down on my bed and zoned the fuck out.

All I needed was 6 minutes.

I got back up, decided to go for a walk and while I was on my walk I decided to just go to MMA class today. I packed my gear just in case. Sometimes it’s good to trick the mind like that.

Anyway, I had a great class and of course, I feel a million times better.

Today I’m going to bed satisfied.


Maximillian Giamarco

This marks the end of day 9 of Spartan 365.


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