The Mind is an Idiot Box

“The mind is an idiot box, filled with possibilities, each of which leads you in a different direction. You are reduced to weakness if you live in your mind, which always expresses doubt and ambiguity.” – Mykonos in the book Wild Nights

“Stay in your head, your dead.” – Tony Robbins

The mind is to be used as a tool instead of as a master.

The mind is to be used efficiently.

A fool unwittingly stays in his head for too long getting caught up in negativity, over-thinking, anxieties about what’s to come, depression of the past, etc.

A master uses the mind, gets what he needs out of it and then leaves.

Leaves where you may ask?

Into the depth of his being…

In the depth of his being which is pure consciousness, Tao, spirit, God, or whatever you want to call it; a master finds freedom, joy, and peace and inner stillness.

Use the mind as necessary but develop the ability to silence it at will.

This is where meditation comes in.

By meditating, you develop the ability to remove your awareness from internal-chatter thus silencing it and subsequently placing your awareness into the depth of your being.

Placing your awareness into your body and environment will help you ground yourself into the present moment. The present moment is where the master consciously dwells. He lives in the here and now.

Undisciplined thinking of the future and past leads to anxiety and depression.

A warrior goes into the world of matter and internal chatter swiftly and quickly being careful not to over-stay. Then he goes back into silence where his spirit is free and clear.

Learning to balance these two rooms within your being will result in a way more powerful life as you’ll become a master of the earth and of heaven moving freely between the two as you choose and ultimately merging them consciously.

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