When the Mind Is Still, Your Purpose Becomes Clear

At times, the mind can be like an incessant wild wind or turbulent river. During those moments, you will feel disconnected to your deepest purpose. During those moments, any decisions you make in reaction to that state will most likely lead you into a downward spiral.

You must stay vigilant and remember not to react.

Monkey-mind can sometimes be so overwhelmingly noisy that you look for ways to numb it. Most people have bad-habits to numb the pain. Drugs, alcohol, food, and other forms of escapism are common among those who don’t know how to deal with it.

I’m starting to realize that the main thing in life is to still and silence the mind so that you can listen to the voice of your inner being. Your inner being is another word for your conscience. Your conscience is the voice of your deepest self. Your deepest self is grounded in source. Source is God.

When the monkey-mind is noisy, a common trap is to identify with it. It’s the same thing as having your finger crushed by a door. The pain is so acute and loud that it consumes your entire field of perception at that moment. But you are NOT your finger. Your finger is simply an extension of your body used to help you survive in this reality.

Your thoughts and emotions are the same way. They have their place and they add to your ability to survive and experience life but they are NOT you. You are the observer of your mind. You are the awareness behind it all. And as that awareness, you co-create your reality by choosing what you do with your precious life energy.

When you still the mind, something beautiful happens. The lake becomes still. What happens when a lake becomes still? You can see into the depth. When you see into the depth, you recognize who you are at your deepest levels. Once that’s clear, you make decisions in line with your deepest purpose.

Next time you get caught into the trap of incessant thinking, take some time to simply be in silence and solitude. I call this mental fasting. You don’t need to sit in some special posture or count your breaths. Just quiet down. Observe. Relax. Little by little the mind will quiet down. Little by little, your deepest purpose will become clear to you. Connection to purpose comes from stillness.

Nurture stillness at all times.


Maximillian Giamarco

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