Why My Old Russian Maid Is Way Better Than Your Girlfriend

What’s up, brothers? Recently, my mom and step-dad have been considering hiring an older woman to help out around the house. They’re considering having her live with us and be our in-house-maid. She happens to be in her early 50’s, slightly overweight and not very attractive but…she has something that most attractive women in their 20’s here in the US (and pretty much all western countries) do NOT have…

Let me tell you a bit about this woman: When I first met this woman, I didn’t think anything of her other than the fact that she had a warm smile that made me feel appreciated. The following day, I had a chance to talk to her while eating my lunch and taking a break…

She told me she was from Kazakhstan as we were talking and proceeded to tell me a bit about her life-story. It was pretty much all small talk at first. But when she told me she was from Kazakhstan, I said “No, way! I was there on several occasions!” which I then followed by saying “The women there were beautiful!”. After I said that she happily started to describe the differences she noticed between the women in the US and the women in Kazakhstan.

It was intriguing to hear a woman proudly describe the qualities of a Kazakh woman compared to a US woman. As she was describing the differences I “internally chuckled” because if a woman here in the US were to hear this, she would most likely barf, then follow that up by shaving her hair and dying her armpits purple.

She was describing how the women in Kazakhstan treat their husbands as an authority of the household and take pride in letting their men lead. She mentioned how the women there have a lot more respect and reverence for their men. They have a lot more pride in their femininity and don’t “let themselves go” (AKA get fat, stop wearing makeup, etc) as soon as they get married. Women clean the house and cook for their husbands without complaint. She didn’t say that all they did was stay at home either. She went on to say that the women there have jobs too, if necessary and that it isn’t an issue. She did however, say that some of the “rich girls” there acted similarly to the obnoxious average girls here in the US.

As she was talking I felt a feeling of hope and unease rise within my awareness at the same time. Hope because there were still women out there being raised to take pride in their femininity and embrace their role. And unease, because it’s only a matter of time before those women too, get sucked into the feminist social conventions that dominate mainstream culture in our society today.

I must say, I’m not attracted to my maid physically but I am attracted to her feminine pride. Her radiance reminds me of the fact that femininity is a beautiful aspect of a woman’s presence when channeled correctly. She reminds me of the potential, women have in this world and that, they in fact, lead  happy empowered lives with a man in the driver’s seat of the relationship. So, before you guys spend all your savings on a ticket to Kazakhstan, I want you to keep in mind that: It’s not over here in the US yet! Women here still have potential even though it’s muddied by years and years of feminist conditioning.  And if you have the skills, you can bring it out of a woman to let go and be in her feminine again. This is an uphill battle sometimes I must admit, but it is a battle we can win because it’s fundamental to our DNA and will always be a part of our make-up as humans. As always brothers..take ownership over your lives…Spartan Ownership…


Maximillian Giamarco


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