Quick Guide: Developing Your Personal Standard

One tactic that has kept me focused on my purpose has been to develop a creed. A creed is a standard that you set for yourself. That way, when faced with challenges that attempt to stray you from your path, you stay put. Your creed should be a one-page long document that takes 60 seconds to read. You will read this creed every morning upon waking and right before bedtime.

Taking Spartan Ownership is about being impeccable with your thoughts, words, and actions. Developing a standard for yourself will help you stay impeccable because it is a constant reminder that you drill into your mind over and over again. Eventually, you will commit this creed to memory.

The creed is an operating system that keeps you in check. Throughout the day, you will be faced with challenges that will try to mess up your focus. Pleasure and pain are the most common factors that lead people astray. So no matter which direction the wind blows, your mission is your creed.

Developing Your Creed

Your creed should be able to fit on one piece of paper. It should only take about sixty-to-ninety seconds to recite. Sixty seconds is better.

The sentences need to be written in the present tense. So aim for sentences that indicate you are living in that reality already.

For example:

“I am disciplined and wake up early”

“I am disciplined and stay focused even if I don’t feel like it”

“I value feeling healthy and vital so I eat clean 6 days a week”.

The point is to ask yourself how you would like your behavior to be. Write it down. Your creed is now your new way of being. It is your new operating system.

You want to keep it simple so that you can draw back to it mentally throughout the day when you need it most.

Your creed should be recited out-loud once in the morning and once at night. Modify it every once in a while when you start to understand what sentence patterns really fire you up.  I personally modify mine every one-to-three months.

Your creed won’t be perfect the first time so don’t overthink it. Go with your gut. Just make a creed based on whatever standard you have for yourself at the moment.

The more you say this creed to yourself the more you will begin to embody those characteristics. You will feel a lot better having a standard for yourself because your current emotional state isn’t reliable enough. A written standard is a lot more reliable because you wrote it while your mind was relaxed and able to see the truth of what it is you want.

Keep moving forward,

Maximillian Giamarco

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