Prove It to Yourself that You Don’t Need Anything

Go dark…

Prove it to yourself…

Prove what you may ask?

Prove it to yourself that you don’t need anything outside of yourself…

Prove it to yourself that ALL you need is within you now…

Prove it to yourself that you don’t need any junk-food, entertainment, drugs, or any other behavior that only brings you short-term pleasure while simultaneously resulting in the weakening of your body, mind, and spirit.

We all have certain vices, dirty little habits, or activities that we engage in when we want to “treat ourselves”. There’s nothing wrong with these kinds of activities if done impeccably.

However, every once in a while I believe that you should deliberately skip on treating yourself even if you think you deserve it.

Let me walk you through a scenario…

Let’s say you’ve been hitting the gym, being productive, and really just kicking ass for a few weeks. Then one day you wake up and you feel a bit lazy and decide to treat yourself by engaging in your dirty little habit whatever that may be. “After all”, you rationalize; “I deserve it”.

But then something in your gut draws your attention…

Deep down, you know that you should probably skip it. Today just ain’t the right day for it. I mean sure, you’ve disciplined and you could get away with doing it. But something just doesn’t feel right about it…

It has to do with the way you’re approaching it. You’re a little too anxious and want it too bad. It’s consuming your focus a little more than it should be and you know that something ain’t right about giving in.

You know that on some level you’re not actually “treating” yourself but in reality, you’re still a little too attached to this dirty little habit and you’re going about acting on it in a compulsive and reactive manner.

A warrior acts, a fool reacts.

So in that moment, you have an opportunity…

You have an opportunity to crush that enemy and slice it’s fucking head off.

That enemy is reactivity, compulsivity, and attachment to bullshit.

You have an opportunity to break the chains that have been holding you back and keeping you weak.

At that moment, you can kill that enemy and replace it with something a lot more powerful…A lot more beautiful…

You can choose to go dark and simply choose to skip out on that behavior and instead engage in something you know you should be doing. Going dark means detaching from the distractions and spending some time in solitude in order to connect with your purpose and divine stillness. But you don’t even need to do that. You could just go to a martial-arts class or work on a project. But the point is that you skip out on that behavior for the day.

David Deida says that consciousness that isn’t earned isn’t lasting or powerful.

And at that moment, you have an opportunity to earn that higher consciousness…that higher awareness…that stronger bond with the infinite within and the higher vision you have of yourself.

At that moment, you have an opportunity to re-affirm that you don’t need anything and that alignment with Tao and your purpose is enough and will always be enough…

But listening to your conscience in that moment isn’t very comfortable now is it?

It’s not supposed to be.

The pain has to be there because if it wasn’t then there wouldn’t’ be any growth. It’s exactly the same principle that governs growth in all things. You must destroy weakness in order to create strength but destroying something requires energy and exerting energy requires focus and will. It requires discipline.

You must tear down a muscle in order to build it back strong. You must tear down a building in order to build a new one. A tree must push deep into the ground through dirt and rubble in order to grow and express it’s the deepest gift.

Remember the path you chose.

Remember that you didn’t choose an easy path but rather a higher path. A path that will result in everything you ever wanted and then some, but there is a price to pay.

You can’t be a little bitch and also be a hardened warrior. One has to die for the other to exist.

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Maximillian Giamarco


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