13 Reasons Why a Men’s Coach Will Kick Your Ass and Change Your Life

13-Reasons Why Having A Men’s Coach Will Kick Your Ass and Change Your Life

What Is a Men’s Coach?

A men’s coach is a man (obviously) whose sole purpose is to truly aid you on your path of self-mastery in a masculine-development oriented context.

The Difference between a Life-Coach and a Men’s Coach

A men’s coach is different than your average life-coach.

Life coaching is a very general industry and is filled with many losers. There are many people in the life-coaching industry who are just plain guys and gals who read a few self-improvement books and think that they’re ready to coach people.

I have spoken to and even hired these types in the past and was always dissatisfied. Their character is usually weak and effeminate. These people are usually sincere and nice but they often simply lack a true understanding of human nature and how to bring the best out of people. These people are also usually not very dedicated to self-mastery. Their lifestyles don’t reflect any true commitment to excellence. In essence, they don’t practice what they preach.

The other issue with most life-coaches is that their approach isn’t oriented in a masculine way. They lack understanding when it comes to some of the fundamentals of living a masculine lifestyle which greatly reduces their power.

How to Choose a Men’s Coach

Now that you understand the difference between a men’s coach and a life coach, it’s worth saying that there are many hooligans out there who claim to be men’s coaches too.

I have participated in some interesting men’s groups and met their coaches/leaders and I was definitely not impressed at all. A lot of them were fat, undisciplined, and unfocused in their own lives.

They may indeed provide support and guidance but integrity is a very important trait of a good men’s coach. Does his life reflect his teachings? If not, run away.

The other thing worth looking out for is the influence of feminism and other bullshit in their lives. Many so-called men’s coaches are men who recognize a need for a more masculine approach but are still highly conditioned by feminism in a lot of ways.

This destroys their ability to aid you in any significant way when it comes to the development of your masculine lifestyle. Their influence will still leave you as an apologetic man never reaching his highest potential.

Often times these men are controlled by and dominated by their wives and have unfulfilling relationships, therefore, keep an eye out on a coach’s relationship.

Who wears the pants? If it’s his wife, then run away.

In essence, you want your men’s coach to have BALLS and intelligence.

I say balls first because that is the backbone to his intelligence. Strong first, smart second.

You want a men’s coach who is unapologetic in every aspect of his being.

You also want a men’s coach who is humble. You don’t want arrogance.

Humility is key.

Any man truly on the path of self-mastery knows that the journey never ends and that there are always higher levels. You need someone who is humble enough to realize this and thus be honest about his own struggles. A good men’s coach is someone who continues to challenge himself every day as well.

13 Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Men’s Coach

#1 He Will Hold You Ruthlessly Accountable

By far, the biggest benefit of having a men’s coach is the accountability factor.

When you have a good men’s coach, you’re going to have someone who will be there to make sure you keep the promises you’ve made.

One of the biggest problems we have in society is that we are so cushioned and comfortable that even when we self-sabotage and slack-off, we still have enough comfort to create the illusion of safety and security.

The reality is that you are simply disconnected from a feedback loop that is linked to reality.

If you live in your mom’s basement and jerk-off all day, chances are that you will be fine the next day as mommy is paying the bills and your video-game console is distracting you from any pain.

This is simply the result of an overly comfortable/abundant society that hates men.

This wouldn’t have been the case if you had still been a hunter-gatherer. A good hunter can’t afford to be too lackadaisical. Aggression and industriousness is a must.

Accountability is what keeps you on track when you feel like letting yourself down. Otherwise, it’s very easy to get distracted and NOT keep the promises you’ve made to yourself.

#2 He Will Be a Great Source of Reminders and Repetition

A lot of times we know what to do but then we forget or get distracted.

By having a men’s coach, you will gain the benefit of having the cold hard truth repeated to you daily, weekly or whatever, until it registers.

The military or any organization that prioritizes high-performance behavior knows the power of repetition.

It sounds simple but if you truly understand the power of repetition, you will realize that knowing something isn’t enough, you must do it over and over.

Having a men’s coach will provide the reminders/repetition necessary to help install those proper habits.

”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

#3 He Will Aid You in the Development of Your Deepest Purpose

A good men’s coach has a strong and well-developed vision and purpose for his own life. He knows what he wants and is moving towards it every day. He regularly connects to this vision and reminds himself who he is and why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Most people have a general idea of what they want but are too distracted and swayed by the winds of pain and pleasure to make any significant progress. They thus get into a horrible negative cycle that results in them living lives of quiet desperation.

A good men’s coach will aid you in the development of an unbelievably strong vision that gives you so much drive and determination that waking up each morning becomes exciting! He will not give you his own vision. No, that is too sacred and personal to each man. Instead, he will ask you the proper questions to help you truly develop and refine your own purpose.

#4 He Will Apply the Right Amount of Pressure to Keep You On Your Edge

If he’s good, he will have a strong degree of sensitivity and intuition which will allow him to get a great read on you. Then he will tailor any action plans you both set to your current abilities/mindset.

His skill lies in sensing where your comfort zone is and then pushing you just beyond it without over-stressing your nervous system. He knows that growth happens in the center-point between order and chaos.

#5 Unlike Your Friends, He Will Be Consistent & Reliable

Your coach will always be more reliable than your friends.

Theoretically, friends are a great source of accountability. They should be anyway. But the truth is that your friends have their own shit to deal with. They won’t always be dedicated and available to focus in on you, your purpose, and your obstacles.

Friends come and go. Paid men’s coaches do NOT.

They are solid and here to stay as long as you pay them. It’s a value exchange that both of you agreed on.

Therefore, you can rely on them being there through thick and thin.

#6 He Will Help You Manage Your Focus & Energy

A good men’s coach will help you become more organized. Becoming more organized requires the effective/efficient management of focus and energy.

One of the best things you can do is have a weekly or bi-weekly call with him during which you set up a badass schedule for your up and coming week or so.

His goal will be to help you come out with priority tasks, habits, and times to do them. He will also help you make it fun and remind you why these tasks are important. It will not be a dead week but rather a fun and purpose-driven one.

This could be an immensely powerful ritual that will accelerate your progress and help you get the most out of your time.

#8 He Will Help You Reflect On Your Mistakes & Error-Correct

Action is one thing and reflection is another.

Reflection is a key component to personal growth and the accumulation of power.

A good men’s coach will not only focus on helping you strategize and set objectives but he will also help you look back at your mistakes and see where you went wrong.

The best way to deal with the past is to simply learn from it instead of dwelling on it unskillfully.

A good men’s coach will help you get the lessons you need from the past and then move on and let go.

This requires in depth-reflection and disciplined mental focus on the present moment and on your purpose.

A good men’s coach will know which questions to ask to really help you get the most out of the past.

#9 He Will Empower You Through Red-Pill Awareness

Red-pill awareness is essential for a men’s coach. Period.

Red-pill awareness entails having a strong understanding of the truth behind sexual dynamics between men and women.

You may wonder why this is important but having a solid understanding of the social terrain in which you live will allow you to navigate it 1000x better. Otherwise, it is too easy to get caught up in the traps of time-wasting and negative women as well as organizations that seek to disempower men through blue-pill and feminist conditioning.

Red-pill awareness is one of the fundamental keys to living a strong masculine lifestyle.

#10 His Biggest Goal Should Be to Help You Internalize His External Discipline and Become Self-Reliant

If he’s a good men’s coach, his goal isn’t to necessarily keep you around forever.

At first, his influence will be a source of external discipline similar to a drill instructor. But deep down his goal should be to give you the tools and mindsets necessary to internalize his external influence and help you walk alone.

Sure, you may work with him for years but in the end, you should feel capable of walking alone and trusting yourself.

A good coach will be teaching you just that.

#11 He Will Help You Destroy Your Addiction to Instant Gratification

A good men’s coach will help you shed your addiction to instant gratification.

His presence and guidance will help you silence the monkey-mind immediately reminding you of who you are deep down inside and what your true purpose is.

Having a men’s coach will help you consistently get in touch with your deepest desires and slowly melt away the influence of your lesser desires. Your superficial self.

You will start to become the kind of man who draws fulfillment from his life and chooses to relax in an impeccable manner that only serves to recharge him.

You will no longer be addicted to self-sabotaging behavior.

With his critical eye, there will be no room for mediocrity.

#12 He Will Give You Tough Love

A good men’s coach is a source of love but it’s not the mushy-cushy kind you get from your woman.

It’s tough love.

He will call you out on your BS plain and simple. He will not accept mediocrity. He will not accept excuses.

He will make you painfully aware of your own short-comings. This will be tough and emotionally painful at times especially if you are used to deluding yourself about how amazing you are when in reality you’ve been behaving like a piece of shit.

This critical eye will give you a strong dose of masculine energy especially if you come from a single-mother household like I did.

Men grow from criticism. Women grow through praise. Very different energy.

It’s worth saying that this doesn’t mean he’s always an asshole. It just means that he won’t sugar-coat the truth. And if you are truly serious about growth then you wouldn’t want him to anyway.

#13 He Will Help You Make Breakthroughs In All Areas Of Life

To keep it simple, let’s say that there are 4 pillars of life. Health, wealth, relationships, and happiness.

A good men’s coach will help you set up a vision for all those areas in a masculine character development oriented way. He will help you build the ultimate lifestyle in a red-pill aware and positively masculine context.

He will then help push you to break through all the boundaries and limitations that you’ve set for yourself in those areas.

He will help you annihilate weakness and replace it with strength and constant never-ending improvement.

He will help you craft the ideal lifestyle based on who you are at your deepest core.

He will bring it out and he still won’t be satisfied then as this journey never ends.

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