The Guide to Setting Up a System for Ruthless Discipline & Accountability

Establishing an accountability system was one of the most important decisions I have ever made.  Having an accountability system means having a group of highly motivated men on the same path as you. These men hold you ruthlessly accountable to the standard that you’ve set out for yourself.

Are you trying to change your diet? What about your productivity at work? Maybe the number of times you go to the gym per week? An accountability system can truly help you do all of that and more!

The accountability system is THE solution for those struggling with discipline GUARANTEED. I’ve tried so many tactics for staying disciplined and this is by far the best one.

The Spartan Ownership Accountability System

Step 1. Get a like-minded friend or group of friends who will keep you accountable & vice-versa.

Step 2. Find out what you need to be held accountable for (usually, people struggle with exercise, work, spiritual development, diet, etc…)

Step 3. Create a schedule where you determine the specific actions you will take to enact these goals. (Ex: I will work out 3x per week)

Step 4. Set the time frame to be 30-60 days.

Step 5. Determine the consequences for not doing the tasks.

Step 6. Determine rewards for doing the tasks. (this could be one big reward at the end of the 30 day period or it could be small little rewards at the end of the week.)

Step 7. Have this on paper. You need to be able to track your results and see your progress visually.

Step 8. Have integrity & be 100% honest about your results. Commit to telling your friend(s) the truth when you mess up. Without integrity, this practice will be a waste of time. Remember, this is about discipline and accomplishing your dreams, not about your ego.

Step 9. Determine how often you will check up with each other. Once a day is optimal, especially in the beginning. (This could be a 5-minute call in the morning). Also, its good to follow it up with a weekly in-person meeting every week.

Step 10. Kick ass and take names. Achieve beyond your wildest expectations. Learn to be disciplined in mind, body, and spirit. If you adopt this path you will be heading towards your journey of self-mastery at an alarmingly fast rate!

Modifying the Accountability System

I am currently doing a slightly varied version of this system. Feel free to modify the system if you see fit but use this as the base template. This template alone is enough and WILL get the job done.

Keep in Mind

Before you start following the S.O.A.S (Spartan Ownership Accountability System), you need to be 100% SERIOUS about following through and reporting your results honestly. You must also willingly take the consequences for your mess-ups. NO EXCUSES. This is a black and white system. There are virtually no excuses for messing up. Once you set the standard to which you wish to be held accountable for, that’s it.

Do NOT make the mistake of over-doing it. The tendency a lot of men have is to make their accountability really hard and complicated. This will fail. You need to start simple especially for your first month. Choose 5 things MAXIMUM to be held accountable for.

Follow this for 30 days & once you’re done, give yourself a big reward. And then begin again. This time make it harder or easier depending on the feedback from the previous month.

In summary, this system is a black & white mechanism that will move you towards success. You will be rewiring your brain with every commitment that you keep. Your brain will rewire itself to become more disciplined than ever before. Thank me later.


Maximillion Giamarco

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