Is Being Sick an Excuse for Not Being Disciplined?

Recently, I was sick and it wasn’t a great time. My throat was sore and I wasn’t feeling it. It immediately threw my plans in the air because I hadn’t anticipated what I’d do if I fell ill. Instead of feeling productive and on point, I felt like I couldn’t get anything done. Had I anticipated this, I could have had a plan.

People in WW2, Vietnam, and other wars never had time to bitch about their colds, fevers or anything. Why am I being such a pussy about my sore throat? I ended up rationalizing why it’s totally fine to spend the whole day basically binging on youtube videos and other crap.

Of course I felt like shit…not only because I was sick but because I binged on top of that. How does one stay productive even if he’s sick? I guess the answer is balance. If you don’t feel like being that productive…It’s OK…relax. But the point is that you have an edge to maintain..a vision to create. I wanted to heal myself without compromising my edge.

“The warrior trains and trains only allowing himself enough comfort as to not compromise his edge”. – Maximillian Giamarco

I was talking to a mentor of mine when I asked for his thoughts on working while sick. And he said, “There is a line between being superman when it’s time and being superman when it’s ridiculous.” Basically what he meant was that you should toughen up if it’s just a little cold or sore throat but if you’re really just out of it then stay home and rest.

The next day my throat was sore and I still wasn’t feeling it but I had a plan. NO entertainment, no junk food, no surfing the internet. I either lay in bed and rest without anything or I work on the computer and get shit done. At the end of the day I felt like I had won. I felt like I was impeccable with my actions.

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Maximillian Giamarco


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