Thoughts On Staying Productive While Sleep Deprives

The other day, I just woke up and decided to move to Texas.

As of this writing, it is the 3rd day of my move.

Right now, I feel happy, excited, determined, and glad to be out of NYC.

However, the challenges are coming…

I still don’t have a day job yet. I don’t really know anyone around here. I don’t have any girls out here. I don’t have any mentors around here, Etc.

But that’s OK.

A warrior acts, a fool reacts.

These challenges will test my patience and ability to be creative and resourceful.

Just like in Aikido, I will use the energy of these challenges to turn them on their head. The result will be that I will grow stronger.

I realize that there’s no point in getting stressed out because that doesn’t help me at all.

Stress is just a signal that something needs attention. Once you give that stimulus the proper attention then there’s no point in being stressed out anymore.

Earlier I felt slightly irritable and impatient mostly due to a few days of low sleep. My focus took a hit and I wasn’t feeling like being very productive. I started to feel guilty about not wanting to work. The monkey-mind felt quite active.

Instead of getting into a rut with it, I simply employed a few tactics to deal with it.

I laid down on my bed to just relax for a second and next thing you know I fell asleep for about 2 hours.

After waking up, I felt a bit groggy but quickly engaged in a breathing drill to change my physiology and regain focus and clarity.

After that, I was feeling WAY better.

I sat down and knocked out my business to-do list for the day.

That is what I call destroying the enemy of irritability and sleep-deprivation.

I could have got all reactive and fussy but instead, I dealt with it.

Now I have several job interviews scheduled for the week ahead and can go to sleep feeling satisfied.

Stay strong and govern the mind,

Maximillian Giamarco

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Maximillian Giamarco

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Reader Interactions


  1. Richard says


    That’s awesome man. I hope everything works out in your favor.

    Also, it might be a good idea not to cut off all your connections from New York – if for whatever reason you have to return back, at least you still have them. Sometimes it is good to keep old connections. Honestly.

    • Max Giamarco says

      Hey Richard, thanks a lot for your advice. Keep those comments coming and I have definitely not cut people off from NYC. I still value a lot of people there.

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