The Spartan 365 Challenge: I Relapsed HARD. Now I’m Restarting

I fucked up.

Recently, I created the Spartan 365 Challenge.

I was doing pretty well for about 2 weeks.

Around the 12th day, I made a very impulsive decision. I decided to quit my job and join the military.

I was in a positive yet highly impulsive state when I made the decision. I’ve been craving an experience that would challenge me and aid in my development as a warrior and man.

I spoke to a recruiter and decided that I wanted to become an Airborn Ranger which is a highly trained elite soldier not too far off from being in the Special Forces. The reason I didn’t immediately choose Special Forces is that SF requires a much longer time commitment. For me, I just wanted to get the military out of my system so I could move on with my life and NOT wonder “what if?”

Anyways, I ended up going back on my decision and called the recruiter and told him to count me out.

The main reason was that I have very little trust in our government. This isn’t good because if I’m going to be making the ultimate sacrifice then I want to know that it’s for a higher cause. I highly doubt that the wars and causes that our government is putting forth these days are ones that are truly noble.

I know of many veterans who share the same point of view.

After I decided to join and backed out, I went through some pretty strong emotional turmoil for about 3 days.

I felt confused and unclear about my purpose.

I felt unmotivated.

I fell.

I fell hard…

I proceeded to spend 3 days engaging in complete and utter self-sabotage.

I laid around in my own misery and did everything I could to numb myself shy of hard drugs.

I used porn, binged on junk-food, and other bad habits.

I felt ashamed and kept going down the downward spiral more and more.

It was past the point of no return.

At this rate, I would have gone completely broke if I paid for each consequence with the initial Spartan 365 consequence fee of $100-$300 depending on the mistake.

I felt miserable and ashamed of myself.

But this morning, I finally got myself out of my rut.

However, I made a few changes to Spartan 365. I made it more sustainable for the coming year.

One thing I realized is that celibacy is a fucking stupid idea.

Fuck that.

I don’t even know why I initially agreed to do it.

It’s just torture for a year.

As a man, women are important to me and contribute to the quality of my life and living without them for a year at the vital age of 22 is pure and stupid torture.

I made a few other changes as well so that the challenge doesn’t leave me as an isolated hermit. This is a year-long challenge and I want it to be a bit more flexible.

The New Challenge Template

Click here to see the old challenge template.

Duration 7/2/18 to 7/2/19:


If I make ANY mistake, I have to write a report on what went wrong and what I should have done instead.
The report has to be 6 sentences on each side minimum.
And I have to pay $25.
This is to be done within 48 hours.
Every passing day is an extra $15.

The Standards:


1 ejaculation per month maximum (with girls).
No porn.
No masturbation.


Primal Eating 6 days a week/ cheat day once a week.
No alcohol.
No smoking: (1 cigar per month allowed)
Meditation daily. (10 minutes minimum)
Gym 3x per week min (20 min minimum or 100 pushups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups).
MMA 1x per week minimum

Phone Usage

Check my phone notifications once per day maximum all in one go:
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Whatsapp
– Twitter
– Etc
10 minutes maximum.
Exception: Unless posting for business purposes only.
Unless messaging a specific person for a meet-up or interview.


Check email twice a day maximum in one go each time.

Video games:

1 week – I get 3 hours

Media Indulgence:

1 hour per day maximum which includes:
Youtube Videos
Internet surfing (reading articles, etc)

Spartan Ownership

Every day I must come out with one article and one video.
– Blog articles (250 words min)
– Youtube videos (2 minutes min)


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Maximillian Giamarco

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  1. Juan Rubio says

    Well, it seems that you and me are pretty much equal. I also did in the past, and i am currently doing a similar challenge.

    I am from spain anyways, but i would love to talk to you and get together in a gang of mens… On internet and not in person, but better than anything.

    Contact me if you are interested and well done for the challenge and your sekk of manhood.

    By the way my name is Juan, i am 23, and also has a blog, but in spanish

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