The Spartan 365 Challenge: Second Revision

After reflection, I have decided to revise the Spartan 365 Challenge again.

For those reading who haven’t heard of the Spartan 365 Challenge, it’s basically a one-year long challenge with a series of set standards for behavior such as physical training frequency, etc.

As of this writing, it is Day 41 of the Spartan 365 Challenge.

When I first started this challenge on 6/17/18, I went strongly for about 2 weeks and had a horrible crash and burn. I learned then that my initial decision to do the challenge was too impulsive and I set stupid and unrealistic standards for myself such as a commitment to doing one year of celibacy. I know, what a dumb idea for a twenty-two-year-old man with high testosterone!

Anyways, I’ve been doing great as of this writing. It’s been 41 days and I can DEFINITELY feel an amazing change in my character already…

I feel a lot more masculine.

My self-confidence and self-worth are at an all-time high.

I’m more disciplined and less impulsive.

I feel sharp and alert.

I’m making progress in all aspects of life.

And I simply feel proud…

I feel like a man truly living a creative and purpose driven life.

However, it’s worth noting that the enemies are coming.

I have been challenged and had a few slip-ups but nothing major.

I will continue to be challenged. Negativity, reactivity, and impulsivity will attempt to sway me off my purpose but a warrior stays vigilant at all times.

Don’t let the enemy sneak up on you! Watch your six.

Anyways, this whole process is one of trial-and-error.

Hence why I’m changing my standard again.

The changes I’m making are minor and don’t take away from the challenge but rather add to it. Why continue doing something if it’s not getting me the results I want?

It’s also worth noting that when I made the decision to change the standard I was in a positive and resourceful state of mind. I wasn’t reactive and changing the standard out of weakness. This is a key point.

But anyway, here is the revised standard:

Duration 7/2/18 to 7/2/19:

Revised on August 8th, 2018.

Consequences If I make ANY mistake:

I have to write a report on what went wrong and what I should have done instead.

The report has to be 6 sentences on each side minimum.

And I have to pay $25.

This is to be done within 48 hours.

Every passing day is an extra $15.



1 ejaculation per month maximum (with girls).

No porn.

No masturbation.


Primal Eating 6 days a week/cheat day once a week.

No alcohol.

Revision: I can have 1-2 drinks maximum on dates with girls. The logic behind this is that most girls like to drink on first dates so this makes me able to adapt to that environment. It has nothing to do with my own desire to drink.

No smoking: (1 cigar per month allowed)

Meditation daily. (10 minutes minimum)

Gym 3x per week min (20 min minimum or 100 pushups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups).

MMA 1x per week minimum

Phone Usage

Check my phone notifications once per day maximum all in one go:

– Facebook

– Instagram

– Whatsapp

– Twitter

– Etc

10 minutes maximum.

Exception: Unless posting for business purposes only. Unless messaging a specific person for a meet-up or interview.


Check email twice a day maximum in one go each time.

Media Indulgence:

1 hour per day maximum which includes:

Youtube Videos, Movies, Music, Internet surfing, etc.

Revision: Educational content is allowed but is encouraged to be used with discipline (which is easy).

Spartan Ownership

Every day I must come out with one article and one video.

– Blog articles (250 words minimum)

– Youtube videos (2 minutes minimum)

Revision: Instead of daily blogs and videos, the new standard is to come out with 3 articles and 2 videos per week. The new standard also entails one hour of focused work on SO every single day. The purpose of this is so that I create more high-quality content instead of pumping out lots of low-quality content. This also gives me more time to focus on other aspects of SO.

A few aspects of my challenge have been omitted from the public due to privacy reasons but everything else on here is what I’m going to be doing.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below…


Maximillian Giamarco

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