How To Have The Most Productive Weekends Ever

I live life with a sense of urgency. A sense that every second wasted is a second I could have been kicking ass. I feel guilty for wasting time quite often. You should too if you engage in that type of behavior.

For the most part, my weekdays are the best days of the week for me. For most people, it’s the other way around. Weekends are the best days for them. Why do I love my weekdays so much? Simple, I love my life. I love waking up early, meditating and focusing my mind. I love serving you by creating content that helps You take Spartan Ownership over your life. I love learning new things about business and life. I love challenging myself and getting stronger at the gym. I love putting on my gloves and sparring at the dojo. I love to read and make friends with the greatest minds of the planet.

This is how my life looks like during the week. I feel high. That’s how you feel when you’re connected to your purpose. You feel like you’re on a mission. You’re going places in life. You’ve got your rifle and you’re still in the trenches of the battlefield. It’s a hell of a feeling. This is what it means to be in a state of higher vibration. It means you’re able to enjoy things that most people find boring, hard and/or annoying.

Most people don’t see the value in sitting down outside with no stimulation whatsoever for 30 minutes to simply meditate. Most people need constant stimulation from social media, video games, reality-tv, drama, and super-stimulating junk food. They are in a lower vibration seeking stimulus to fill their voids. Being in a higher vibration allows you to enjoy doing what others won’t so that you can live a life that others can’t. It’s the feeling of being a man and being on your purpose.

Unfortunately, we all have bad days. I used to have them way more back when I was younger and still in the dark. Now I have them way less. But I still have them. There’s nothing wrong with having a bad day once in a while. Everyone does. However, the warrior thrives in adversity and transforms his bad days into tests of his will and presence. For the warrior, life is either a test or a celebration.

If you’re having a bad day, that doesn’t give you the excuse to be weak…

What’s the difference between being weak and having a bad day?


Having a bad day is like waking up and stubbing your toe resulting in a painful limp. Having a bad day is like planning on going on a trip with your friends for the weekend and then getting sick. Having a bad day is like being grumpy and irritable as a result of not getting a good night’s sleep, etc…

However, being weak is different. Being weak is in how you react.

Being weak is a choice and hence is under your control.

Being weak is like telling someone you’ll show up and help them with something but canceling last minute because you just weren’t “feeling it” that day. Being weak is like telling yourself that you’d wake up at 5 am tomorrow morning and then you end up pressing snooze once it’s time to wake up. Being weak is like promising someone that they can rely on you and then let them down.

That person includes you. Don’t make a habit of letting yourself down. Everything is programming.

It’s OK to have a bad day but just don’t be weak. Face the pressures of life but don’t fall. Stay up. Life is constantly hurling punches at you from every direction as if trying to find your weakest link. Don’t give in by reacting with weak behavior.

Life is a humbling experience, it really is. I myself the writer of all these things am the first one to admit “most of the shit here is easier said than done”. We all want to be perfect. When you start the journey towards spartan ownership, you really want to be the kind of man that pushes himself hard and doesn’t waste any time.

I try my hardest to practice what I preach but sometimes I fail. My weekends are when I fail the most…

There’s a saying, “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”. When I’m left alone with a bit of room to breathe, my mind falls into old ways. I tend to revert to previously programmed bad habits. I tend to: eat a bunch of junk food, feel moody/irritable, engage in mindless activities such as watching bullshit on the internet. And at the end of it all, I always feel like I fucked up and lost momentum.

But I’m compassionate with myself…

I don’t want to be “go-go-go” 24/7. I’ve tried hustling 7 days a week and I’m not good at it unless I’m working with a team and we’re constantly pushing each other. Plus it’s important to recharge a bit. Keyword: recharge. Degenerating isn’t equal to recharging. It’s the opposite actually. Degeneration makes you feel weaker. Recharging empowers and harmonizes you.

This is where “strategic laziness” comes in. Everyone has the right to be a little lazy during appointed times of rest (i.e the weekend). But laziness doesn’t have to be equal to degeneration. Strategic laziness is the key to this dilemma.

I always feel 100 times better when I spend my weekends “strategically lazy” instead of being in a state of pure instant-gratification. Being strategically lazy is doing an activity that you enjoy yet, leaves you feeling empowered and without any guilt.

Here are some examples of how a strategically lazy weekend might look like for me:

Spending the day outside with friends, shooting the shit and drinking a beer or two. (Could be considered a waste of time and unhealthy but you’re bonding with fellow men and having a good time with people as opposed to video games).

Going to a hookah bar with a journal to smoke and reflect on your past week. (Could be considered bad for your lungs so you shouldn’t do this often but at least here you’re also reflecting on your life and thus growing/becoming more focused on your purpose.)

Going out to a lounge with some like-minded people and having a productive conversation along with a few shots of Vodka. (Alcohol isn’t the best for you but you’re deepening your relationships with like-minded people. This is way better than sitting like some vegetable in front of a TV screen).

I encourage you to create your own version of the strategically lazy day based off of what you like to do. But the point is if you’re going to do something that can be considered bad for you/cause guilt; learn to do it in a certain way, that leaves you feeling good about your life. The key is to stay mindful and not vege-out.

So that’s it, brothers. Life is too short to spend your weekends in a state of mental fog where your mind, body, and soul rot from within. If you have a dirty habit; Fine…Do it. But do it while being mindful and in the presence of good people. Do it because you deserve it and need to recharge so you can get back to kicking ass even better. Enjoy a few shots with your brothers. Enjoy a movie with a desirable lady to your side. Know that there is a time to relax and recharge. And know that recharging DOES NOT equal to degeneration.

Stay productive & keep taking Spartan Ownership over your lives…

Your brother in arms,

Maximillian Giamarco


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Maximillian Giamarco

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  1. Mathew Robertson says

    Hey bro,

    Nice work on this article, yes I believe balance is essential as well. The “basic self” that Dan teaches about is represented as a child and this is where our primal instincts come from, I would guess our capacity to discipline ourselves as well. But discipline without reward or acknowledgment of the sacrifices we make that constantly take us from our comfort zone isn’t fair.

    We have to be hard on ourselves but not too hard or too quick I guess, baby steps is key?

    • ModernSpartan says

      Yes, you are right. Rewarding ourselves is key for proper motivation. Dan said that after every chapter that he finished, he bought himself a movie rental. And when he was done half way with his book, he got a massage. Rewards like that are nice because they don’t take away from the quality of your presence.

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