Spartan Ownership Strength-Training (SOST) 

This page is still under construction so the free events page is still not up yet, however, the questionnaire is up and running! Looking forward to hearing from you!

What is SOST?

SOST (Spartan Ownership Strength Training) is a coaching service for men who are on the journey of self-mastery and are seeking guidance and accountability to develop a solid physical training practice in their lives. This service is available both online and in-person.

A Bit of Background

Robert Bly said, “where a man’s wound is, that is where his genius will be”. 

My wound occurred early in life…

Like many men, I, unfortunately, grew up in a family setting that was devoid of guidance and structure. The reality is that I was alone for much of the early part of my life. 

My family was almost exclusively abroad and not easily accessible. My father wasn’t in the picture much (except for a brief period of time) and growing up it was mostly my mother and me. I didn’t have any siblings, uncles, grandfathers, or anyone to confide in. 

Although I lived with my mother, she was almost always busy working and doing her thing. My surroundings were largely composed of female authority figures whether it was my mother, the teachers at school, or the various babysitters that were hired to watch over me. 

I largely confided in friends and neighborhood kids forming little gangs with them where we could live in our own little worlds. However, youngsters can only do so much for each other until it largely becomes a case of the blind leading the blind.

Although nurturing and protective, deep down I intuitively knew that these women were not ideal role models for my development so I largely numbed myself to their influence. 

Numb is exactly how I felt most of the time. Closed off to the world around me especially authority figures. Deep down, I felt that they couldn’t be trusted. A part of my instinct was in active rebellion towards most of the adults around me.

People wondered why it appeared as though my emotions were stunted. I didn’t know how to put it in words back then so I just kept accumulating the pain and developing bad habits to cope with it. 

I didn’t know any better…

I felt the heavy weight of isolation, chaos, and confusion as I struggled to navigate life. 

Having a weak foundation, I found many of life’s challenges very difficult. I didn’t seem to be getting it like everyone else. I felt totally ill-prepared and overwhelmed by everything. Growing up in a working-class Russian neighborhood in Queens wasn’t a walk in the park either. I struggled with bullying, did terribly in school, got in trouble with the law, didn’t give a shit about myself or others and my mother eventually sent me to a boarding school for troubled kids where I lived with gang members and drug dealers for several months. Our guidance counselors were mostly composed of ex-cons and other rough types that would try to warn us about the realities of going down the criminal path. 

All of this was a reaction to the fact that I felt a tremendous void. 

Many men are crushed by these types of circumstances and turn to various forms of escapism to cope with the pain. These same men often live lives of mediocre output as they struggle to find their footing while simultaneously being destroyed by their vices and addictions. I have struggled with these same tendencies and it has been and in some ways continues to be a tough journey. 

As the trademark SEAL saying goes, “the only easy day was yesterday”. 

And let’s face it, most societal conventions have been corrupted and are no longer very reliable when it comes to the cultivation of positive masculine virtues. The cultural landscape today has ultimately become a breeding ground for spineless males, not real men. Guys you wouldn’t want anywhere near you in a foxhole. As Pavel Tsatsouline says, “we need more tough guys.”

The few places that still serve as a refuge for men seeking growth have been mostly pushed underground and/or demonized in one way or another. This makes the small amount of starving men who actually reach or let alone capitalize on these ideas few and far between. Consider yourself lucky if you happen to know good sources for this type of content.

For every man truly on the journey to self-mastery, there are countless clueless males who sit at home deeply rutted. I was one of the lucky ones to encounter some of this content in my mid-to-late teenage years. 

When I realized that there was a way out of the chaos and that change was possible, you can bet something in me perked up. I felt like a soy-fed wolf finally tasting the juicy blood of a freshly killed buffalo. 

In some ways, I’m grateful for the pain that I went through because it awakened a tremendous sense of purpose in me.

I devoured every book I could get my hands on, spent thousands of dollars on my internal development, and started practicing with sincere effort whether I was doing a death meditation with Dan Millman in the mountains of Costa Rica or pushing myself to the limits in the boxing ring.

I wanted control over my life and I knew that many men had left a legacy of deep wisdom that I could tap into. Admittedly, I became a bit of a self-help junkie which was another stage I had to go through in order to learn how to filter out the cream from the crop.

Finally, I started to get this distinct feeling that freedom and self-mastery were possibilities for me. Just because I had a weak foundation growing up didn’t mean I was destined to stay that way.

Masculine self-actualization was thoroughly laid out to us by the great men of history. It wasn’t just some far-fetched, old-world, and toxic ideal that we shouldn’t even bother looking into according to society.

From then on, I made an internal vow that I would commit to impeccable self-mastery, positive masculine development and never giving up.

With the realization that I had a unique drive and ability to take this information, distill it and produce creative content to help other men, the idea of Spartan Ownership was born. 

The name Spartan Ownership implies taking one-hundred-percent responsibility for your life, it’s a type of hardcore self-determinism. 

It’s when you say:

“I will not accept mediocrity.”

“I will not blame anyone for my circumstances.”

“I will find a way to master my ability to navigate chaos with skill.”

“I will live in a manly and honorable way no matter what fortune throws at me.”

“I recognize that the great men throughout history have left us a legacy of time-tested ideals that I can draw power from.”

“I will resist the pressures to conform to the herd-like mentality of this modern age”. 

Fast Forward

I have since been involved in the men’s self-development community for nearly a decade. The brand Spartan Ownership itself has been around for over 5 years and if you count the previous blogs I ran under different names (all with the same purpose), I’ve been creating content on this topic for almost 7 years. I have attended numerous men’s self-development seminars, read hundreds of books, and am personally acquainted with a lot of the thought-leaders in this community, some of them having been interviewed on my channel. Early on, I realized that physical training would be paramount as part of my self-mastery practice and so it has been a consistent aspect of my life for over a decade. I have since experimented extensively with different approaches and schools of thought. Over time, I have refined my training focus basing it on old-school and time-tested methodologies with a robust history of getting results. 

Myself and Jocko Willink

Why Did I Become a Coach?

I have decided to become a strength coach as in many ways this service is a natural extension of my unique ability and desire to aid men in their personal development. Strength training is highly compatible with the philosophical leanings of my overall brand. It only makes sense that I do this kind of work and use strength training as a vehicle for the overall message of the hardcore self-determinism I advocate for. Not to mention, strength coaching is a highly technical field that is actually quite difficult to truly master and is a great life-long challenge for me. This field also fits my desire for a vocation that allows me to have a multi-disciplinary focus in my studies whether it’s mathematics, anthropology, physics, biology, psychology, philosophy, art, or history.

What is the School of Thought Behind SOST?

I base my training on the teachings of masters such as Mark Rippetoe, Pavel Tstatsouline, and many more. 

Typically, the more old-school and time-tested, the better. 

As such, your training regiment will include the classics when it comes to strength training such as barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight training, and some endurance.

The idea is to come up with a unique and creative solution for each student based on his time availability, objectives, access to equipment, and other key factors.

What does SOST entail?

You will be working with me one-on-one and I will assist you in the following ways:

  • Accountability
  • Creation/modification of your training modalities
  • Teaching you about different lifts/techniques
  • Helping you work around injuries
  • Supplying motivation
  • Critiquing your form
  • Environment modification
  • Habit creation/neutralization
  • Nutrition/fasting help
  • Coaching you in other areas if needed

Of course, my coaching services can cover other subjects that I’ve written about on this blog whether that’s general counseling, dating/women, porn-addiction, mental training such as mindfulness/stoicism, and other men’s issues that I have experience with. Each coaching package will be tailored to the needs of the individual. Notably, I would argue that the biggest bang for your buck will be to have me personally in your corner holding you accountable.

How Long Before I See Results?

The psychological benefits of starting to train and adding a coach to your life are available instantly. Right away, you will feel closure, support, and a sense of structure which will positively leak into all aspects of your life. As far as your physical composure, you can start seeing changes within a few weeks. A typical cycle of coaching is about 3 months although you may find that a different duration works for you. 

A Reminder of the Benefits of Strength-Training

  • Increased cognitive performance
  • Improve testosterone production
  • Increased hypertrophy
  • Enhance your appearance 
  • Better mood and self-confidence
  • Harder to kill
  • More productive 
  • More capable in ALL physical disciplines 
  • More attractive to the opposite sex 
  • Better immune system
  • Increased longevity
  • Higher sex drive 
  • Discipline permeates into all other areas of life 

Me at 185 Ibs

What Kind of Results Can You Deliver?

SOST covers all aspects of the spectrum. You may be a hard-gainer or somebody looking to lose weight. Some people want to gain mass, get big, and really strong. Others like to aim for a lean, hard, and ascetic kind of look (often accompanied by a fasting protocol).

Whatever your goal is, I will adjust the training for you. 

It is worth mentioning that SOST has an emphasis on strength for a reason. We believe in actually being really strong, not just having “show muscles” with no real-world application beyond your Instagram posts. As such, I will highly encourage you to take on a focus on strength development and compound movements in your training, however, we also realize the value of looking the part so hypertrophy/body-building protocols will be implemented.

Getting Started with Online Coaching

If you are interested in moving forward with online coaching, the first step is to fill out the SOST questionnaire and book a time for your free consult call (the consult call can be skipped if you prefer email communication only). This will help us become clear about all of the details moving forward.

Getting Started with In-Person Coaching

If you are in South Florida, specifically in the Miami/Fort-Lauderdale area, I do provide in-person coaching. If you are interested, filling out the questionnaire is going to be your next step. From there, we will either book a free call, free in-person consultation, or again, an email exchange is an option too if that’s what you prefer.

Free In-Person Events

I also offer free in-person events/meetups for people in the Miami/Fort-Lauderdale area. If you are interested, feel free to register below. This is a great place to start if you would like to meet me as well as other people on the same wavelength as yourself. The events vary in location and could take place either indoors or outdoors depending on the theme of the event, weather, etc. I like to structure my events around activities such as smoking cigars, outdoor group training sessions, BBQs, presentations on various topics, and much more. The aim is simple though: to become stronger mentally and physically at the end of each event.

Free Online-Events

If you can’t make it to a free in-person event, that’s no issue. That’s what we have the internet for! In the event registration section, simply register for a free online event. This is just like an in-person event regarding us engaging in an activity together whether it’s a cigar-smoking session or an online home training session. You will also be able to ask me questions live as well as participate in group discussions.

Cancel Anytime

All deals are simple and reversible. You can opt for a month-to-month contract if that’s what you prefer.

Join My Free Online Community

Be sure to join my free Discord community where I actively answer questions and participate in discussions. You will also be able to meet other cool people, post pics of your training videos, nutrition protocols, and talk about anything from women/dating to your professional life.

Do I Take Women Students?

Yes, I do occasionally take on women in my coaching despite the fact that SO primarily caters to men. Women have expressed interest in SO before and have used it to better understand men and even their own femininity. In a world that is rather politically correct and androgynous, some women have found SO’s content to be refreshing and insightful (although this is not very common). The principles of training are the same for women as they are for men (for the most part) and some women prefer a male trainer. If you are a woman and are interested in coaching, feel free to reach out.


Maximillian Giamarco

This page is still under construction so the free events page is still not up yet, however, the questionnaire is up and running! Looking forward to hearing from you!