The Spartan 365 Challenge: Day 1 – The Commitment

The Commitment

Today is day 1 out of 365 for my new standard…my new challenge.

Tattooed on my right inner forearm is the following:

The numerals underneath the SO symbol translate to 365 in roman numerals.

The challenge begins today June 17th, 2018.

A few days prior

It all started with me feeling a bit tired…

I just wasn’t feeling up to it but I pushed myself anyway.

I was on a good role for almost 2 months staying disciplined and doing what I had to do for the most part.

But something in me cracked…I felt overloaded, guilty, and stressed out.

All the social media, texting, going out, girls, alcohol, negativity, etc were starting to get to me. I wasn’t feeling in touch with myself.

I reacted…

I spent the next few days going from one extreme to another…alternating between feeling inspired and then back down to negativity and escapism.

I would lock myself in my room and spend hours in a passive state of consumption…I would consume junk food and junk information until I felt like I was going to pass out.

It was a state of “extreme impulsiveness” as I call it.

I spent days like this just last week.

I used to struggle with this type of behavior on a weekly basis. I would go into “extreme impulsiveness” twice a week or so.

Recently, I got it down to like once every 2-3 months but the bigger the rise, the harder the fall and I would spend days in a rut feeling guilty…hating myself for having fallen.

My self-worth was pretty fucking low…

The decision

On June 16th, 2018, I decided that I would prove to myself that I AM CAPABLE of sustaining discipline and staying true to my standards.

I am capable of making a decision and following through…

Today is June 17th, 2018, and this marks the first day of this commitment.

Ironically, today is also Father’s day. And the reason I find irony in this is that Father’s day is a symbol for the year ahead.

It is a symbol for the fact that I will be returning to the land of fathers…of men. I will be partially removing myself from the world of matter…distraction and femininity.

I have committed myself to a pretty hard standard that I MUST maintain at all costs.


The standard and the rules

 This challenge ends on 6/17/19. 

Once it hits midnight on 6/17/18.

This standard will be solidified. 

I will NOT be able to change anything no matter how stupid or arbitrary the standards may seem. 

No celebration till it’s done. 

 $100 FLAT consequence for ANY mistakes.

$300 FLAT consequence for sexual mistakes. 



Telling others about the challenge:

I can only tell the men in my tribe about the challenge as well as my mentors. I can’t talk about this challenge in person to anyone else but others can follow it on SO if they wish.  

If someone asks me what this is about, all I can say is: 

“I’m on a challenge and I can’t talk about it till it’s done.” 

 No bars. No clubs.

*Exception: High-value networking such as mentors or business opportunities 



1 Year of Hardcore Celibacy.

 No girls. 

No dates. 

No sex. 

No kissing. 

No masturbation. 



 I can see friends whenever I want but can’t go to bars or clubs with them. 



No junk food. 

Everything must be primal.

No alcohol.

No drugs.

No smoking anything.


Kratom (Thailand roots for energy and productivity)  is the only thing I can do 3x per week maximum.


Mental Exercise

 Priming or meditation daily. (10 minutes minimum)


Physical Exercise 

3-5x per week (weights, yoga, calisthenics)

 Minimum 20 minutes: 100 pushups + 100 crunches. 


Martial Arts

 Once per week minimum, Ideal 2x. 

 Train myself and if I do then I have to do 10 min of shadow-boxing min. 


Internet/Computer Usage

Business and Finance reasons only.

 Make one video and one article per day every day for SO.

 – Articles (250 words minimum) 

– Youtube videos (2 minutes minimum)

In each video or article, I detail the experience of the challenge. I do NOT necessarily have to post it that day but I MUST record and write it down that day.

Check email 2x per day in one go each time. 


No audiobooks.

No Kindle.

No Youtube videos.

No social media for any kind of indulgence. 

No apps of any kind.

No movies.


– Check my bank accounts

– GPS navigation allowed. 

– Cryptocurrency apps

– Skype for business

– Paypal for business

– Whatsapp for business

– Voxerr for business

– Uber as emergency 

– Calculator 

I can only use my phone for business or very practical reasons such as checking bank account only.

 Phone Use

Check phone texts once a day maximum. 


Waiting on information from a specific person then I can only check a few times and only for that person. 


If I’m working with someone and it is required that I use a smartphone and/or social media to achieve the mission.

But everything must be kept strictly for those purposes. 

The only books I can read:

I can’t read any other books period.


– Antifragile

– Essentialism

– The Essential Drucker

– Scaling Force

– Poor Charlie’s Almanack

– I Ching

– Body Mind Mastery

– The Art of War

– Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

– Evolutionary Psychology

– Compelling People

– About Face

– Letters from a Stoic

– Teachings of Don Juan

– A Separate Reality

– Journey to Ixtlan

– Discipline Equals Freedom

– Principles

– The Personal MBA

– Thus Spake Zarathustra 

– Think & Grow Rich

– Tao Te Ching

– Way of the Seal

– With The Old Breed

– The Way of the Superior Man

– Rational Male: Positive Masculinity 


There will be a little bit of trial and error and exception situations, therefore I will have to adjust and add new systems.

Main principle: Does this benefit Spartan 365? 

If unsure then contact my 2 accountability partners to solidify the systems.

The Purpose for doing this

This is going to teach me the value of commitment. 

This is going to build my discipline.

This is going to detox my brain from all the damage and abuse I’ve put it through. 

This is going to build an iron will.

This is going to provide amazing content for a long time. 

This is going to help me focus on my purpose like never before. 

This is going to build immense mental toughness. 

This is going to help me become a better man.

This is going to help me build my business at much higher levels.

This is going to help me appreciate all the things I’ve been taking for granted.

This is going to completely change my life.

This is going to make my brain strong again.

This is going to help me focus on building a very strong foundation for my business.

After going through this experience for a year, I will be SO PROUD and will forever know what I am capable of.

This is just one year. I’ll be almost 24 when I’m done.

I will have so much vitality, focus, determination, business success, and wisdom that it will propel me so IMMENSELY! 

Closing thoughts

I anticipate a massive struggle.

I anticipate losing some friends over it.

And I know what you’re thinking…NO SEX!???

Yes, no sex.

The reason for celibacy during this challenge is simple.

I want to reconnect with myself and detach from the world. I don’t think I have a very healthy relationship towards sex and I want to stay focused throughout the challenge. Sex has traditionally been a huge distraction for me. Once I’m done with my challenge, I will resume a healthy and awesome sex life. If any ladies are reading this, sorry you’re going to have to wait ;).

The main thing about this challenge is that I want to simplify my life greatly. I want to go into “monk mode” basically. That’s why there is basically no phone use, movies, or social media.

The only thing I can use technology for is basically my business and that’s it.

I will be living a quiet and simple life for the next year. I will be reading a few works and really dive deep into them. I will come out of the other side much stronger and better than I currently am.

Part of this is inspired by David Deida’s wisdom on solitude and how it helps you connect to your purpose. As men, we live in a world of distraction and as a result, we lose ourselves in the world and lose touch with our nature.

This is me saying “Fuck that” and taking responsibility.

Follow me on this journey and watch as I transform. I invite you to join me on this journey and create your own Spartan 365. Maybe for you, it will be a Spartan 100 or some other number. Choose something that fits your unique life situation. We all have different paths and I can’t always know what’s best for you.

But expect a lot of content…expect a lot of struggle. I will be pouring out my most intimate feelings on the experience virtually on a daily basis for the next year.

Stay strong,

Maximillian Giamarco


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  1. WarriorOne says

    I just found your site yesterday. I didn’t have much time to dig into the content so I bookmarked it and came back to check it out today. I was pleased to see that you wrote a new post just today. I really enjoy your content and it brevity. I applaud your desire and fire for your Spartan365 challenge. I encourage you to also add to your new simplified life the discipline of not using foul language. Figure out the details and good luck. I hope to keep a close track on your challenge. I have my own challenge that I will be starting tomorrow, using the Kaizen method of very focused small daily dedicated improvement in nutrition, fitness, moods and my faith. Good luck!

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