Quick Guide: Using Your Instinct to Read People’s Energy

A highly intuitive man can use his instinct to sense another person’s energy. An energy field consists of a mix of the following components: aura, presence, body language, micro-expressions, voice tonality, etc. Western men have been conditioned to be nice and accepting of everyone. That’s why you see a pandemic of soft white boys who are afraid of confrontation.

The more you meditate and unplug from the world of non-stop distraction, the more intuitive you become. The more intuitive you become, the more you could start to feel other people’s energy. A warrior is in tune with his instinct and knows when to rely on it. How else can one survive in the battlefield of life? Overthinking is one of the enemies a warrior must deal with but intuition helps win that battle.

You need to be aware of this energy field when dealing with other people and listen to your gut. Some people are seemingly nice and docile on the outside but you are only looking at the tip of the iceberg. As a Westerner, chances are you’ve been conditioned to be a nice and accepting person who doesn’t judge people from the outside. WRONG. You must be able to judge people and listen to your intuition when dealing with them.

You can’t spend most of your time analyzing people and weighing the pros and cons. You must be able to rely on your gut.

There are people in my life who I sense have a certain negative energy to them. It drains my energy to be around them because I must work hard to stay unreactive to their negativity. These people aren’t a complete waste and in many situations, they are simply unavoidable. Warriors turn negative situations into positive ones. You can use these people as training to stay unreactive, assertive, relaxed and positive. You need to be able to deal with these types of people even though the general rule is to keep your distance.


Don’t make the mistake of avoiding people who don’t agree with something you say or do. Just because someone challenges you on something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should disregard them as being negative. Maybe they have a point. Don’t be afraid of debate because being challenged once in a while will only make you stronger. Be capable of adapting. Only weak minded people are afraid of a challenge and therefore surround themselves with “yes-men” who never challenge them on anything.


A few years ago, I made the decision to cut ties with a friend. At first, I was your average overly-nice stereotypical white kid, constantly seeking to please others & be nice. Hence, I seemingly got along with people pretty well including the person mentioned. I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and accept him without judging like I was conditioned to. So I would invest time and energy in this person only to find myself spending a lot of energy trying to stay grounded and positive. I would be relieved when I left this person’s presence. Eventually, I realized that this person was profoundly unhappy and insecure & constantly putting me down in subtle ways. I then decided to keep my distance from this person. It proved to be a good decision.

Don’t be a good little boy who accepts everyone at first glance. If your intuition is telling you that someone’s energy is off, it’s worth exploring why. Remember your intuition isn’t always going to be right. Maybe the person reminds you of a bully or someone in your past. But the point is you should pay attention to it and go into “high-alert mode” where you look for why you’re getting that impression from the person. Once you understand what it is about the person that’s putting you off, you can then make the choice to cut ties with the person or continue the relationship.

Don’t be a good little boy, trust your balls. Be assertive. Judge people quickly to see if their energy is good. If it’s not, you’re not responsible to be nice and have them linger in your company. You must be ruthless when it comes to your boundaries. Assert your will into the world. You are in control.

Warrior up,

Maximillian Giamarco

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