A Warrior Doesn’t See Good Or Bad

A warrior doesn’t see any good or bad. He only sees challenges. Getting caught up in good or bad means being caught up in the world. A warrior sees the world through a detached perspective. A warrior is grounded in the witnessing mind.

Most people are constantly judging the world, labeling it good or bad. Often labeling themselves as victims in the process. What happens next is that your happiness and sense of self end up coming from your circumstances.

If things go well then you feel good and if things aren’t going so well, you often feel moody and subsequently complain to yourself in your own mind or to your fellow peers.

The problem with that type of thinking is that A) it keeps you in a feminine state (I’ll explain) B) it doesn’t empower you C) it leaves you in an unresourceful state

Feminine energy has to do with being identified with the flow of life. It means being identified with life itself. One day you might be sad, the next happy. Masculine energy has to do with being identified with the witnessing mind. Pure consciousness and spaciousness. From that perspective, whatever chaos may be happening in the world, you remain undisturbed and grounded as pure awareness. The key is being unreactive. Awareness is unreactive.

From that state, you can then act masterfully.

The warrior acts and the fool reacts.

That quote right there is the essence of what it means to be a warrior. If you understand that alone, you are well on your way to being a warrior.

When you are reactive to life, you are unresourceful. Instead of taking control of the situation, you instead label it in your own mind as “bad”. You end up blaming others instead of taking responsibility.

Spartan Ownership means taking 100% responsibility.

Observing the world from the witnessing mind is observing the world from a masculine point of view. Most men would be better off observing the world from a masculine point of view because deep down most men are masculine. Society simply conditions men to be identified with what’s going on instead of being detached yet resourceful.

In summary, seeing the world identified with the witnessing mind empowers you. The reason is that instead of getting caught up with whatever the moment throws at you by labeling it “good or bad”, you’ll simply observe it and then act accordingly. Acting accordingly means acting in a way that creates a positive outcome for you and/or your tribe.

Instead of looking at your circumstances, feeling and thoughts, you’ll simply see each moment as a challenge. A challenge to stay calm, to keep moving towards your goals, to adopting a stronger mindset, becoming more resilient, standing up for yourself, etc.

When you don’t react to life, and instead you act, you bring a sword to the battlefield of life. Each moment requires a sword. Everything is a conflict to one degree or another.

Polemos Panter Panton – Everything is conflict.

Rise up,

Maximillian Giamarco

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