Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine (Book Review)

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My outcome is to give you guys a review on an extremely life changing book named the Way of the Seal by Mark Divine.

Quick brief on the author

Mark Divine is the 3rd guy on the left standing up.

Quick brief on the author

A native of Oneida County, New York, Mark Divine served in the U.S. Navy SEALs for 20 years, retiring as a commander. As the founder of SEALFIT, NavySEALs.com, and U.S. CrossFit, he has coached thousands of Navy SEALs and other Special Ops candidates to succeed in the most demanding military training programs in the world, with a success rate near 90 percent.

In his new Unbeatable Mind Academy (unbeatablemind.com), Mark trains the public in the eight Way of the SEAL principles. This integral leadership program combines Western and Eastern practices into the most effective training program in the world for warriors, athletes, professionals, and leaders from all walks of life. An MBA from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern Business School, Mark has run six multimillion dollar business ventures. He also holds several black belts and teaches CrossFit, yoga, and self-defense.

My thoughts

I think that this book is a truly effective guide for men who want to become:

  • Better leaders
  • Tougher warriors
  • More productive
  • More in control of their inner state
  • Better communicators
  • More creative/innovative
  • More courageous
  • More purpose-driven

In the book he gives you 8 principles which are briefly mentioned below:

Principle 1 Establish Your Set Point

Principle 2 Develop Front Sight Focus

Principle 3 Bulletproof Your Mission

Principle 4 Do Today What Others Won’t

Principle 5 Forge Mental Toughness

Principle 6 Break Things

Principle 7 Build Your Intuition

Principle 8 Think Offense All the Time

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Training regiments

One of the coolest things about the 8 principles is that Mark Divine gives you specific practices to integrate those teachings into your daily life. He doesn’t just give you some mindset advice and expect you to change. He actually gives you concrete action steps that are fun and truly provide the basis for a daily practice.

For example:

In Principle 6: Break Things, there is a practice called “Making Variety A Habit” where he has you write down all of your routines like when your brush your teeth, the time you wake up in the morning, etc. Then he has you modify them all slightly so that you never get into a rut where you’re doing the exact same thing all the time. This will forge new pathways in your brain, help you to avoid blind spots and rutted thinking, and spice up your life in general. You can easily apply this drill at a team level, also.

The 5 Mountains of Integrated Training

Mark Divine separates training into 5 categories he calls the “five human capacities or five mountains”.

1. Physical: for developing functional fitness and bodily control

2. Mental: for developing focus and mental toughness

3. Emotional: for developing emotional control and resilience

4. Intuitional: for developing awareness and intuition

5. Spiritual: for developing your spirit or Kokoro, the merging of your heart and mind in action

I believe that this is a highly innovative way to see training as it isn’t black or white. It’s in full-color as Victor Pride would say. It’s a holistic way of seeing your training that I believe will 10x your growth as a man.

Closing thoughts

Mark Divine is truly a warrior-philosopher. He’s got the track record to show for it: 20+ years in the SEAL teams and 25+ years practicing spirituality.

The man is a rarity because he actually served in one of the toughest elite teams of warriors known to man. Another great thing about him is that he’s a man’s man. He embodies a masculine essence unlike these other “herbivore” self-improvement gurus that are spineless, mediocre, and probably get pushed around by their women LOL!

Any advice coming from a man like that is gold almost by default.

Mark Divine – a man of integrity.

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